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2020.10.27 13:35 throwaway27463828 Needy MIL

This is part rant, part “off my chest,” part request for feedback. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. It feels so good to get this out.
My MIL is very childlike, only watches cartoons or only likes kid things and her room looks like a child’s room. She will state she’s very childlike as if it’s fact and there is nothing wrong with it. She seems to place a lot of emphasis on envy...either she envies what you have or she expects you to envy what she has. If she likes something you have, she has to get the same thing. I often feel like she’s shopping when she’s in our house, picking out things she likes as if they’re things she’ll buy for herself (from slippers to furniture to even getting the same kitchen granite, cabinet and paint color). My husband got a tempurpedic pillow and he’s talking about it while they’re over for dinner one year and she responds by saying, “I would like to try it.” It was like a statement that also doubled as a command. Her and her husband bought a 4 bedroom house a few years ago on a beautiful piece of property only two blocks from her work. She was so happy until we built a house the same size. She was SO UPSET saying she now has to get a BIGGER HOUSE because ours is big AND brand new.
She has told me she’s envious of my marriage (yes, with her son). She said to me one day that she always thought he was a girl until he came out, and she immediately knew that one day his wife would be more important than her. She didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with admitting this out loud. She’s somehow always a victim. She also has boundary issues, with her son and with our home. Throughout our whole relationship I have had to hear that she will one day live with us. First it was after retirement, then it was after her husband dies as she cannot live alone. She guilts my husband into this to where he feels she must absolutely live with us no ifs ands or buts. She always HAS to know the second we arrive at a destination, whether by car or by plane. She has told me before years ago that whenever someone flies, she looks up the airline and checks to see when they land safely. Well, she will still text us and demand that we tell her that we’ve arrived safely. The text will come through as we’re walking through the gate. There have been times that the flight was delayed and she would text us at the new landing time, like how would she have known otherwise? But she almost feels entitled? For us to tell her that we have arrived safely. If we don’t, it’s a chance for her to victimize herself like ohh all I ever do is worry about you and you can’t tell me that you landed safely. I’m so worried I’m so worried. Is this like a weird power she needs to have over us?
I’ve caught her snooping on several occasions while she’s over our house. There were times she wondered off while I was making dinner and I’ve found her in our closet. She takes care of our cats when we go away and I just know that she snoops. She will try to find my cat that hides, going so far as to look under my bed and take pictures of her there when she finds her. It makes me uncomfortable so I’ve asked her not to do that but she does it anyway. It deeply bothers me but I get a hard time from my husband if i complain about it, as he says I should be grateful that she’s doing us a favor (he might be in the fog, or he’s forever trying to avoid WW3 which ensues over almost anything). I did a little experiment one time before going away when they were due to feed our cats for us, to see it I could finally confirm suspicions that she snoops. I had a caboodle type box filled with nail polish in our room, and it had the capability to lock so I locked it. When we returned, she asked me what I kept in the box, clearly indicating that she tried to open it. I told her, “oh just a few random things” and didn’t elaborate further, which I knew must have killed her! She just fed our cats for us this past weekend and I had a bed bath and beyond bag in our bedroom with newly purchased hand towels still in it. I rolled up the ends to close it so you couldn’t see what’s in it and so I could tell if it was opened. When we came back I could tell that she opened it to look inside. I feel mad at myself to stopping to such a level and then I feel mad at her for making me mad at myself.
She goes out of her way to do things for people. Often times it’s through making elaborate meals. But it often feels like you’re not able to appreciate her or what she did to the level she expects or feels she deserves. She gets others to make decisions for her and then when it goes bad, she blames them.
Shes extremely dependent, and has a debilitating helplessness. Sometimes it seems that she’s like that for attention, coddling or special treatment. Ive often found myself questioning if she’s truly ignorant or “dumb like a fox.” She won’t drive for more than 20 mins, on highways or in an area she doesn’t know, or in the dark, rain, or snow (or if it’s recently snowed). She can’t pump her own gas, mow the lawn, use a grill, use a remote control she’s not used to, lift a gallon jug (unless she’s alone and no one else is there to do it for her), do hardly anything technology related...the list goes on. What type of partner would be attracted to a personality like this? An abusive one.
She’s in a marriage with a verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive man. She is a teacher, and is the breadwinner making 6 figures. He controls her money. Obviously abusive behavior is NEVER ok, and it’s clearly an issue all in its own. However, over the years I’ve noticed that she seems to do things that provoke him. Just nag and nag him so much, in an attacking manner, until he explodes. Then she goes on about what a victim she is, how horrible her life is and how unfairly she’s treated. It’s an extremely dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship.
This is her second marriage. Her first husband was not abusive, and she cheated on him with her current husband, then left him because he was golfing and working too much (aka not giving her enough attention). My husbands personality is actually much like that of his biological father. Remember how I mentioned earlier that she’s envious of my marriage? Well, she was married to someone like my husband and she divorced him, so go figure that one out.
Her current husband was found to have very serious health conditions this year, and after a heart attack and cardiac issues that he cannot undergo surgical intervention for, we had a long talk about how she should try to remain calm and not instigate, provoke, etc. upon his discharge. Well we didn’t even get out of the hospital parking lot before she started attacking him. No matter how I pleaded for her to let it go, or reminded her that she agreed to not being up certain topics, she just could not help herself. It was like a compulsion. She could only see herself as the victim of her husband having a heart attack. Is this like some sort of weird coping mechanism? It seems to get worse when she’s under a lot of stress or when someone else is getting attention or sympathy, or both. Or maybe when she suddenly finds herself in a situation in which she has to be an accountable adult, she resorts to portraying a victim?
My husband was out of town for an important work thing at the time of my FILs heart attack so I was helping take her to the hospital to see him, and drive him home after his discharge. We went out to grab dinner as it was evening. My FIL picked where we went. The restaurant was a fiasco. First and foremost, what does he order, having just been discharged for a heart attack? Fried chicken. I sit and watch as he tells her it’s actually healthy and she seemingly believes him.
She had been attacking him since he got out about taxes, social security, properties, money related issues because she was terrified to be stuck with managing these things after he dies. During dinner he was yelling and cursing at her and there was more than one occasion that she openly sobbed. Of course we were stared at. She would provoke him, he would yell at her, and she would literally sit across the table from me giving me a sad puppy dog look as if to say, “poor me, this is my life. Don’t you feel so sorry for me.” I refused to look at her and feed her behavior. There were times that she put her hands on her face and bit down on her fingers with a wild, exasperated, incredulous expression as if to say, “how is this happening...this is insane!!” Still, I refused to feed into it.
She then threw herself into the care taker role. Making him food. Bringing him pillows. Driving to the food store to buy his favorite syrup (yes, this was a huge feat and sacrifice in her mind). But she would always complain that he didn’t truly appreciate what she did. Even if he said thank you, she would say he didn’t mean it. This causes her to do more and more things for him and just go off on how unappreciated she is. Again, it seems like a compulsion.
I was dragged into their fights a lot when visiting. I could see his gaslighting and manipulation toward her (and sometimes me) clear as day. Both her aggressive and passive aggressive behavior toward him, constant nagging and blaming. He would defend, deflect, deny, project. I think most normal people would just drop it and not instigate further, but not my MIL. He’d get so angry that he would be screaming, throwing things. Their constant bickering made me extremely anxious. Panicky even. I really think she was getting off on having someone witness her victimhood. I went low contact after that.
Anyway, I dunno. I would welcome feedback, support. I can’t complain about any of this to my husband or he will shut it down immediately and remind me that I’m not perfect either. Which, obviously I’m not. But her behavior bothers me so much sometimes. Thank you for reading!
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2020.10.27 13:29 BigPapaMark My reunion with the Smashburgers.

I am a huge griller (in more ways than one) so I would always do burgers on the grill.
I would make thick patties with almost a meatloaf recipe then I would work in cheese onions and pepper pieces. These would get grilled indirect with Alder or Pecan smoke with the grill running at about 275 degrees for about an hour. These are darn good burgers.
Now I get this Blackstone 22 thing for my birthday. I worked at a local steak joint when I was a pup some 40 odd years ago now, so I am not a flat top noob, but I wanted to see what people are doing with these things. Once I got through the seven hundred million seasoning videos I watched a Smashburger video. Yep this is how we did them at Mr. Steak back in the day. I remembered how many of those little meatballs I made, and remembered how good they were.
I pull the flat top out and get her all seasoned up. I made some golf ball sized meatballs with a touch of garlic chipotle seasoning and a sprinkle of creole seasoning. I took a few buns and spread the thinnest amount of mayo I could on them. I shaved some onions so thin they were almost one dimensional. I bring the Blackstone up to about 500 degrees F. and put a touch of oil down. I then put a pat of butter down for each meatball. The meatballs go down and I leave them alone for almost a minute. Then I put a small handful of onions on the burger and smash the dog snot out of them. I leave them alone until they started pushing juice out the top. I scrape them up and flip them over. I chucked a piece of deli yellow American cheese on them and toss the rest of the onions in a pile. The onions get a touch of butter and water and a pot lid to steam them. Down go the buns for a quick toast. Now everything gets put together with a small drizzle of ketchup and mustard. YES!!! these tasted just like Mr. Steak burgers that I made so long ago. The wife LOVED them too.
Now I'm not saying I'll never make indirect burgers again, they are great too, but I think these will be my go too burgers for now on. The smell of them on the flat top brought back some great memories and boy do these burgers taste amazing!!
Sorry about the long post.
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2020.10.27 11:11 IamRoobear Small but huge victories

I can't believe it. Day 7 is in the bag and on to day 8. Turned 43 this year and have been drinking my entire adult life. Of course it progressed until the point that I'd wake up at 8 am and start drinking only to be passed out by the afternoon. Hell, if my eyes were open it was time to drink.
Just like everyone else on this sub I knew I had a problem and needed to stop. I've tried so many times but couldn't put together anything but a couple of days. Then I'd start to feel better and drink again. A few months back I managed to put together 3 weeks, but fell back into the trap.
Here I am again with 7 days and feeling great. Surprisingly it hasn't been all that hard except for a couple pretty tough challenges. This past Friday my wife decided to go hang out with her sister. This is a major trigger for me. I've always used that as some "free time" to drink away the night. Even though our son was with me the thoughts started racing through my head. This was also the eve of our 11 year anniversary. Took my son to the grocery store for some anniversary dinner items and flowers and there it was. The liquor store in the same plaza. Typically during checkout I would get some cash back and head into the liquor store to grab a couple half pints. This time I started playing the tape through.
I thought about what it would be like on our anniversary. Another day of disappointment and heartache. Hungover, feeling like absolute shit, shaking, sweating, nauseous, and guilty. I didn't get cash back and on the way out of the store and I didn't even glance at the liquor store. Took my groceries and my son to the car, got in, and drove away. FUCK YOU ALCOHOL.
The weekend was fantastic. I was able to make a delicious porterhouse steak on the grill and enjoy the weekend with my wife and son. We rode bikes, completed chores, walked the dog, watched football, and just enjoyed being around each other.
Monday (yesterday) comes around and I'm still feeling great. Even better actually. I take my lunch every day so I don't leave work and get some vodka during lunch, but my wife sends me a text telling me I forgot my damn food. Triggered, but not defeated, I order a sub online. Go out to pick up the sub from the store in a plaza with another liquor store. Usually I would park near the liquor store since I would again get cash back and grab a couple half pints. This time I started to play the tape through. On my way to get lunch I thought about how I'd feel in a couple hours. The foggy brain, sweats, bloated stomach. I thought about how I'd feel in the morning. I thought about how far I've come. I parked far away from the liquor store, ran in to grab my sub, and got the fuck out. Again, FUCK YOU ALCOHOL!
So here I am on day 8 with a couple small, but huge victories behind me. One day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time. FUCK YOU ALCOHOL.
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2020.10.27 08:30 transpumkin "SEE?? Bringing my barking dog up to your lizard's face and him hissing PROVES that he's dangerous and illegal".

My beautiful eastern blue tongue skink, Wybie, is the sweetest lizard.
He's a rescue, and when we got him he was so skinny he could barely move and he was covered in sores. My dad and I have spent hundreds of dollars and I've spent hours and hours getting him healthy again, and as a result, he adores me. He'll crawl off other people so that he can sit on me, and when I let him go free-range through my cabin in the summer (I live part-time on a farm, and have a very warm, secure, cabin that he doesn't need a tank in) sometimes I'll wake up and he's crawled onto me for cuddles.
I was in the city for school about a week ago, (our country is COVID-free), and had him in an empty parking lot to give him some sun. He was happily basking, very relaxed.
Enter Entitled Woman, and her small, yappy, white dog. You know the type.
She walked her dog over to Wybie, even though she could see that he was starting to get uncomfortable, and so I picked him up. He didn't want to be picked up because he was having fun in the sun.
This lady started grilling me.
"What is that?"
"My blue tongue skink, Wybie."
"Yes I can"
She had the AUDACITY to demand to know where I live. She could see Wybie getting more and more agitated because her dog was barking. Then she started talking about how Wybie was aggressive.
He dared to hiss at her dog, and at that point, I left.
And yes, I did tell her where I live because I would LOVE to see her versus my very overprotective mother.

I know that this isn't well-written, I'm still quite angry.
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2020.10.27 04:53 GueroBear Sonoran bacon wrapped hot dog, beans, tomatoes, mayonnaise, grilled onion, raw onion, guacamole, ketchup, chipotle Mayo and cotija cheese.

Sonoran bacon wrapped hot dog, beans, tomatoes, mayonnaise, grilled onion, raw onion, guacamole, ketchup, chipotle Mayo and cotija cheese. submitted by GueroBear to hot_dog [link] [comments]

2020.10.27 01:04 ukcats12 When my dog smells the chicken and sausage in the grill.

When my dog smells the chicken and sausage in the grill. submitted by ukcats12 to aww [link] [comments]

2020.10.26 20:00 AutoModerator Happy Cakeday, r/SantaFe! Today you're 11

Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.
Your top 10 posts:
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2020.10.26 18:30 ol0-_-0lo Fried Bologna is better than Hot Dogs.

I'm working off of the assumption that Hot Dogs and Bologna are made of just about the same thing. Hot dogs have a great place in American culture, but Bologna is a superior form of the hot dog.

Hot dogs need specialized buns to hold them (called Hot Dog Buns). These buns are designed to couch the hot dog for consumption with the bun. Hot dogs can be cooked in a few different ways, but grilling them is probably the most liked. In this method, char lines form on the hot dog while the smoke from the open fire plumps and makes them sweat. Typically toppings will include mustard, ketchup, relish as well as a few other various condiments

Bologna is a flat circular slice of meat, the same meat hot dogs are made of. Bologna does not need to be cooked before made into a sandwich, but in this case we will be comparing the fried version of bologna to the hotdog. Fried bologna borrows the same concept from grilled hotdogs, attempting to obtain char on either side of the bologna slice to achieve a better taste. Different condiments go on fried bologna sandwiches much like a hot dog.

The case against Hotdogs:
The case for Bologna:
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2020.10.26 15:33 jasonborowski VBW Relisten - Episodes 01 and 02

In honor (it matters!) of the almost 200 Episodes of the Wizards I'm doing a relisten of the whole thing and would love for you guys to join me. I'm planning on doing 2 episodes a week to give room for discussion, which should bring us up to speed on May 9, 2023 (wtf) at episode 266. Obviously, I have no idea how this will turn out, so we'll see.
The first two episodes are a rare double header from August 2012:
Dave and Tamler start out talking about the new wave of skepticism about free will and moral responsibility in the popular press from people like Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne.
Neuroscience figures heavily in their arguments, but Dave and Tamler agree that neuroscientific data adds little of substance to the case other than telling us what we already know: human beings are natural biological entities. Dave also accuses Tamler of being a hipster philosopher for abandoning a view once it got popular.
Next, we talk about what kind freedom we need to have in order to deserve blame and punishment. Do we need to create ourselves out of the swamps of nothingness? Dave comes out as a Star Trek nerd and asks whether we're all, in the end, like Data the android. They also wonder whether a belief in free will is all that's keeping us from having sex with our dogs.
Finally, Dave grills Tamler about his new book on the differences in attitudes about free will and moral responsibility across cultures. After seeing how long they've been carrying on, they then agree to talk about all the stuff they left out in the next episode.
Tamler and David discuss whether giving up our belief in free will makes us more likely to abandon our moral standards.
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2020.10.26 08:07 Dapper-Republic-3725 DAE think Jey Uso was dangerously close to saying the gamer word whilst whipping the Big Dog?

I grew up in Florida. I’m brown. When someone w gold grills said “I’m going to beat the dog shit out of you” it was without fail punctuated with the same word Booker T used when informing Hulk Hogan than they were coming for him
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2020.10.26 08:04 Vov113 AITA for not letting my mom put medicine on my psoriasis?

So, I (22m) am currently living with my parents while I go to school. I happen to have psoriasis. If you don't know, it's a rash that's very similar to excema. My case on particular is pretty mild. Basically, if there's a place on my skin where there's consistent pressure, I get an itchy red rash. It's not infectious, doesn't leak any fluids or anything. Just looks red and inflammed (which I dont care about), and itches (which is a minor irritation at best). Now, Ive recently started working in a kitchen part time. The uniform includes a hat, and between the constant pressure and sweat (standing over a grill for 5 hours is pretty hot lol), my psoriasis is flairing up in a spot on my forehead, about the size of a quarter. Whatever, nbd. My mom, however, can not let it go. Neveemind that this is literally the most mild flare up Ive ever had, every time I see her (she's a nurse who works nights so our schedules don't line up well) she freaks out about how "it looks disgusting" and "nobody will want to date me," which, for the record, isn't something I care about. She keeps trying to get me to use this old medicated cream I have from when my psoriasis first started being a thing, but I really don't want to because 1) again, it is, at best, a minor inconvenience for me, and 2) you have to apply it like 4 times a day for it to work, and I just... don't care enough. Tonight she actually crept up behind me while I was sitting on the floor with my dog and tried to like put the cream on my forehead all stealth style, then got all upset when I wouldn't let her, and followed me around the house for like 20 minutes trying to put it on me. She then started mumbling about how it's okay though, because she "knows where I sleep." So yeah, am I an ass for not just caving and using the cream?
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2020.10.26 04:54 JustMeInBigD Things to Do 10/26 to 10/31 - Halloween Edition

Early Vote! dallas Election 2020 Voting Resource Guide
Socially Distant Halloween & Dia de los Muertos Things to Do

Ongoing through Nov 1 Halloween themed movies at The Drive-In at The Central Dates, times, and prices vary. See website for details.
Oct 23-31 (& Nov 2) Bippy Bobby Boo: 2020 Call-In Special Theatre Three, Livestream Event Times vary by date $25
Oct 29 Tunnel Of Terror Haunted Car Wash Wash Guys, Preston Rd Dallas 8 to 11 p.m. $15
Oct 30 Tunnel Of Terror Haunted Car Wash Wash Guys, Frisco 8 to 11 p.m. $15
Oct 30 Drive Thru Spooktacular Walmart Cockrell Hill 2 to 7 p.m. Free
Oct 30 - 31 Last two nights of Drive Boo Halloween American Airlines Center (Silver Parking Garage) 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. $15-30 per car
Oct 30-31 Murders and Mysteries of Dealey Plaza: A Ghost Tour (45 minute walking tour) John Neely Bryan Cabin, downtown Dallas 5 to 5:45 p.m. (either day) $13
Oct 30 Freaky Fry-Day, Contactless Drive-thru Halloween Donut Pick Up Corn Dog with No Name 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. $35, VIP available
Oct 30 Ghoul's Night Out (Outdoor Glow Yoga) The Eye at The Joule 7 to 8 p.m. $60
Oct 30 Cauldron Queso Virtual Cooking Class by The Rose Table Facebook Live 6 p.m. $14.99 (If you’re not familiar with The Rose Table, this is the gal who does the themed Disney dinners and parties for grownups.
Oct 30 Hot 93 Hallo-Screening Drive-in Cinema: Nightmare on Elm Street & Hocus Pocus Brizo Carbaret, Richardson 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. $10 carload
Oct 20 Texas Theatre Sunset Drive-In: Mandy 11 p.m. (Early show sold out) $19.75
Oct 31 Halloween Carnivorous Plant Porch Sale Texas Triffid Ranch 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free
Oct 31 Plano Blood Drive & Trunk-or-Treat Prestige ER 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free
Oct 31 Tiff's Treats Drive-Thru Highland Village or Allen location 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. $10
Oct 31 Candy Caravan Dallas Heritage Village noon to 3 p.m. Free
Oct 31 Dallas by Chocolate Events (100% Socially Distant - participate from your own car!)
Progressive Haunted Eats Tour 5 to 9 p.m. $47
Halloween Chocolate Tour 1 to 4:30 p.m. $39
See website for more events with consideration for social distancing
Oct 31 Haunting Melodies Concert Chandor Gardens, Weatherford 2 p.m. $25
Oct 31 Lights Out! An Outdoor Comedy Experience Stomping Ground Comedy 8 to 11 p.m. $15
Oct 31 Outdoor Movie: The Shining The Adolphus Rooftop Pool 8 to 11 p.m. $15
Oct 31 Halloweentown Market & Drive-in Cinema: Night of the Demons Brizo Carbaret, Richardson 6 to 10 p.m. $27 carload
Nov 1-2 Dia de los Muertos Oak Cliff Interactive Walk-thru Art Experience CocoAndré Chocolatier 6 to 10 p.m. Free
Daily Things to Do
All Week
Texas Monthly BBQ Fest: Backyard Edition (Virtual event + bbq specials at various locations)
Monday, Oct 26
Today is Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day and National Pumpkin Day!
Norma’s/Dallas Stars Foundation Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day Fundraiser Free Livestream concert on Facebook, raffle tickets available
Ozona Grill Chicken Fried Steak Festival (Facebook link) 5 to 11 p.m. music on the patio
Special pricing on pumpkin bread at Signature Baking
Virtual Open Mic (Facebook live) benefiting Poor David's Pub and the Kerrville Folk Festival
Tuesday, Oct 27
Venture X and Texas Young Lawyers Association Blood Drive at Venture X Dallas
Haunted Libraries: A Creepy History (Online Event) by Dallas Public Library
Arts Mission Oak Cliff Virtual Yoga with Maddie
Wednesday, Oct 28
CiboDivino and Pegasus City Brewery 5-Course Beer Dinner
Latino Cultural Center Facebook Live with Dave Gutierrez, author of "Patriots From The Barrio"
Oak Highlands Brewery - Tailgate Trivia Night in the Taproom Parking Lot (Facebook link)
Thursday, Oct 29
Drive-in Concert, Mt. Joy, at Fair Park
Paintings By Molly Magwire/Election Day of The Dead Altar at Curious Garden (Facebook link)
McKinney Avenue M-Line Trolley Taste of Uptown Virtual Event and Fundraiser
Cody’s Meet-and-Greet + Pet Adoption at The Sound at Cypress Waters
Interabang Books Online Event: Fareed Zakaria in conversation with Andrew Ross Sorkin - 10 Lessons For The Post Pandemic World
Friday, Oct 30
Oak Cliff Cultural Center Facebook LIve with artist Ari Brielle
Dallas Filmmakers Alliance Online Meet & Greet + Murder Mystery Game

Anytime Things to Do
Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance and support local businesses!
Lot of great at-home movie options at Texas Theatre Virtual Cinema
Go see pumpkin displays at the Dallas Farmers Market and across the street at Ruibal’s
Extended “twilight hours” for the Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum
AREA 3: Drive-thru, immersive art exhibit at 1600 Commerce Street (downtown) parking garage
If Then She Can Pop Up Exhibit at NorthPark Center
The Centennial Project: My Voice, My Vote, My Turn Exhibit at Fair Park
WRR Radio Centennial Celebration Exhibit at the Hall of State, Fair Park
Nasher Public: Bernardo Vallarino, Pedacitos de Paz
Cara Mia Theatre My Red Hand, My Black Hand - Virtual Show, Thursdays-Sundays through Nov 8
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2020.10.26 00:30 Impking69 Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals

Here are a few really great rental cabins in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN....
Each cabin has a Facebook page with more pictures, videos and reviews.
All cabins are pet friendly and offer free WiFi.
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2020.10.25 23:14 throwawayaracehorse 20 Years Ago I Participated in Something Known as The Great Pumpkin Holocaust. I Think It's Time for Me to Pay For My Sins

The guts of pumpkins are strewn out in the street this morning. My heart jumps and I feel a panic coming on as I look out the front window and see the seeds and fleshy remnants of a night of mischief. We slept soundly in our beds while the massacre occurred right outside our windows. We didn’t hear the laughter of teenagers, didn’t hear the splat of the busting gourds. We didn’t miss a wink.
I run outside to the front porch to see our two pumpkins, sitting safe, round and orange on the swinging bench that overlooks the front yard. We were lucky. Our pumpkins were spared. Still, if they did get smashed last night, it would’ve just been some bad karma on my end. In my youth I was responsible for many a smashed pumpkin. I feel as though I would have had it coming.
We haven’t carved ours yet. My wife, Theresa, bought a couple of those carving kits where you can make the really ornate with the detailed designs. I think Pumpkin Masters is the name of the brand. You put this little pattern on the pumpkin and you use these jigsaws to carve a design that would otherwise be impossible to do: skeletons with all 206 bones, Jack-O-Lantern faces expressing every human emotion possible, black cat faces with visible whiskers, and replicas of real life giant haunted castles.
Nathan, our youngest, will only get to watch. His tiny hands aren’t coordinated enough to work the little saw and punch out the pattern. Plus, it’s a sharp object and the blood of a four year old won’t look good on the design I’ve got picked out. Maybe he can scoop out some of the seeds and stringy pumpkin goo.
This year I’ve picked out the obligatory “pirate skull face”, complete with eye-patch, bandana, and golden earring. You can even make out all of the teeth in his leering grin. I’m not sure what pattern Theresa has picked out, but I’m sure that it is the most difficult pattern in the box. She enjoys the challenge and will be slaving away at that pumpkin skin canvas long after Nathan and I are done.
Sheridan, the teenager that happens to reside in our house will most likely abstain from the festivities. She’s no doubt got better and more important things to do. Hell, I’m not so sure that it wasn’t her boyfriend and his buddies that were responsible for the massacre outside. Maybe our pumpkins were spared because of who we are, safe by association. I’ll have to check the front door to see if she sprinkled some lamb’s blood out there, a pumpkin Passover.
Life is funny this way: Once I roamed the neighborhoods getting into mischief and mayhem like the young ruffians who slaughtered the countless pumpkins in our neighborhood. Me and my buddies reigned terror upon the middle-class suburbanites who had bought the seasonal squash for display upon their front porches. Now the shoe is on the other foot and I never thought that I would be the middle-class square, fearing for the safety of my own pumpkin.
My friends and I had always dabbled in our share of egg throwing, teepee-ing, and such, but had never pulled off something as monumental as what we were about to do. When it was all said and done, it would forever be known as The Great Pumpkin Holocaust.
Blake had just turned 16 and this afforded us many new opportunities. His pickup truck was a better mode of transportation than a bicycle. It served as our getaway vehicle and also a tool to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting denizens of our small town.
On our most glorious night we hit up a subdivision that was nestled in the hills just outside of downtown. It was somewhat isolated and had many exits and entrances to utilize. It was a week or so before Halloween and the pumpkins still had plenty of use left.
We were creative and ruthless in our methods of destruction. Jesse carried a small bottle of lighter fluid at his side and would give a hefty squirt into lit pumpkins. It’s a wonder that no houses got burned down that night. We rolled some down hills, chucked others on roofs, and many more were crushed under our thoughtless boot heels. But for the vast majority of the pumpkins we had much more sinister things in store.
Dozens were taken captive and held hostage in the back of Blake’s truck, awaiting a bleak fate. They only needed to be joined by their fearless leader before being advanced to the next stage.
It was the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and he sat magnificently displayed on a front porch owned by an elderly couple. A spotlight shone on it as it sat upon a throne made of hay bales in front of a giant picture window, visible from the street.
I don’t know where they had obtained a pumpkin so big, but it must have won some blue ribbons at the county fair in its day. Maybe they knew a farmer who pumped a batch of mutant growth hormones into his patch.
Cinderella only wished that she could’ve ridden in a carriage as big as this pumpkin.
Blake sat in his idling truck a few houses down, waiting to pull forward to pick us up. As we crept along, undercover by shadows, Jesse and I could see the old couple through the picture window, sitting in their living room watching TV. We just knew that they were watching the thing out of the corner of their eyes.
We were just out of sight from the window at the corner of the house, waiting to make our move. On an adrenaline fueled count of three, we dashed towards the giant orange thing, got on either side of it and lifted. Man it was a heavy bastard. There was no way one of us could’ve carried it alone.
We were in the lawn when the front door opened, sidestepping down the lawn with the pumpkin in between us like a wounded comrade. Blake’s headlights appeared as the old man shouted behind us, scaring us like enemy gunfire. We heaved the giant pumpkin into the back of the truck and followed suit. Our bodies rolled off the bouncing and chaotic gourds as Blake hauled ass out of there. The old man’s shouts chased after us as we sped away, laughing like demons into the night.
It didn’t stop there, but it was about to. All of our pillaging and plundering was about to culminate into one final cruel mischievous act. We hit the back roads for a while, laying low and waiting for the cops to leave the neighborhood and for the residents to go back to sleep.
There was a large hill that overlooked the high school football field and Jesse had somehow managed to stash a homemade trebuchet in the bushes. How he pulled this off, I’ll never know.
We spent an hour or two launching pumpkins onto the football field below. Blake played the song “1979” on repeat, the song by the oh-so-apropos titled band Smashing Pumpkins.
Blake, ever the pyro in our youth, had graduated from Black Cats and M-80s to gunpowder and gasoline and a new type of product called Tannerite. He drilled a hole in the giant pumpkin and loaded it with explosives. One would only have to fire a gun at the thing and the bullet would serve as a detonator of the Tannerite. A chain reaction would occur and the pumpkin would explode, raining its guts down over everything.
The exploding pumpkin was the grand finale. We hefted that thing onto the 50 yard line, the splattered carcasses of its brethren scattered all around. We asked if it had any last requests. It didn’t respond.
Jesse was in the bed of the truck with a night scope and a thirty aught six. We were 300 yards away give or take. There was the blast of the single shot of the rifle that bled into the much louder explosion of the giant pumpkin, a deafening KABOOM that reverberated off the bleachers and stadium and echoed throughout the sleeping town in a way that we never could’ve anticipated.
We hauled ass out of there into hiding and were never caught. The front page of the town newspapers detailed the outcome of our exploits: scores of pissed off townsfolk, a crater in the middle of the football field and a relocation of the next game to the junior high field, pumpkin guts that were found a mile away,
Man, do I have it coming.
That was over two decades ago and I’ve long since moved far away from the hometown of my youth. I’ve never looked back. I didn’t make it to any of the high school reunions that have occurred over the years. I didn’t do this out of some sense of contempt for the place or my past; I just never gave it much thought. It was time to move on. I took a scholarship to a school out east where I would meet the woman that would become my first wife.
I didn’t keep up with Blake or Jesse either. Yeah, I guess I was one of those friends. But there was something that had happened our senior year, some falling out that I can barely recall, a rift involving jealousy and girlfriends. I can’t even remember whose. I wasn’t one for social media either, so as years passed I didn’t really have a means of touching base with them with the ease of typing in their names.
Besides, I didn’t really feel the urge to. Life had moved on. I was now on my second marriage, the Theresa I mentioned before. I have a toddler of my own and a step-daughter and piles of leaves in the front lawn, pumpkins on the porch. Things were good now*.* No sense in looking back.
* * *
“Is my pumpkin dead?” Nathan asks through the screen door as I examine the aftermath from the night before.
“No, buddy. See?” I say and hoist up our intact pumpkins.
“Did you see or hear anything last night?”“Just the Pumpkin Man. He was in the trees.”
“Oh,” I say. Nathan has an overactive imagination and is prone to nightmares and strange dreams. The bizarre things he says at times that has me Googling child psychiatrists and whether or not schizophrenia can manifest in kids his age.
“He had four elbows.”
“Four elbows? Wow. I bet he was pretty funny with all those funny bones.”
“He wasn’t, Daddy. Not funny at all. Can I have a Pop-Tart?”
“Sure, bud.”
What the fuck.
Later on in the day, there’s a flyer on our front door. It’s orange and black and festive.
The festival will take place in the park behind our house a week from today. There will be hot dogs and hamburgers and cider and a costume contest. I’m thinking that I could use that two hundred fifty dollar gift card. Sheridan could, too. Between my wife and Sheridan and myself I think our odds are pretty good of winning this thing.
I can’t stop buying Oktoberfest beer. Every time I’m at the grocery store or gas station there’s some new brand I’ve gotta try. It doesn’t help that as we get closer to November they’re starting to put it all on clearance. With prices that low how can I say no?
I like to drink a couple or three in the evenings after work. I tell myself that I have to sample all of the brands, decide which one’s the best. The night keeps coming earlier and earlier and most of the leaves have started changing. It’s peaceful out there in the backyard. I make efforts at raking leaves, but mostly it’s an excuse to hang out in the waning sun and drink beer.
I’m drinking a Spaten and pretending to rake the leaves. Nathan is running around in his ninja costume, jumping in my piles. He’s been putting a lot of miles on that costume, the one he’s chosen for Halloween. We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth this year.
A strong wind blows leaves down onto our heads and carries with it an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The air is crisp and there’s the smell of something burning off in the distance. The alcohol fuzzes my brain and that nostalgic feeling fills my gut with a deep sense of yearning for things passed. I pull my phone up and consider looking up Jesse and Blake, but I don’t have social media and I’m not about to create an account for this fleeting moment.
Still, the feeling persists and later that evening I bug Sheridan to look around for me. She doesn’t have Facebook though. Only Instagram and Snapchat and TikTok. They’re nowhere to be found on those platforms.
The next option is Google, but the feeling has passed by now. It won’t come until the next morning, after the nightmare.
“Long time, no see,” Jesse tells me and I suppose this is a double meaning because his eyes, they’re gone. He says this while relaxing in a camping chair across from me. It’s late evening, not quite dark. A hundred feet away there’s a cabin.
“Yeah man, whatcha been up to? Too good to keep in touch?” Blake asks. He’s tending to a charcoal grill, a can of beer in his hand. His eyes, they’re normal.
“I...I just kinda lost touch. Life got in the way. You know how it goes,” I respond.
“No, I don’t know how it goes. I guess when you fuck your buddy’s girlfriend that tends to get in the way.”
“I thought y’all were on a break. Besides, we didn’t go all the way or anything like that.Whatever happened to Christy?”
“I married her,” Blake says. He takes a long pull from his beers, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows and swallows. Slowly, the piss colored liquid that he just chugged leaks and dribbles out from the bottom of his camo hunting jacket. He crushes the can in his hand, tosses it.
Jake looks over me with his hollow eyes, smiles. He flicks open his hunting knife and I can feel myself tense up. The vibe has started to go all wrong here. I need to leave, to run far away. He places the blade in his mouth and starts prying around in there, I can hear blade against enamel. My gums burn and my jaw aches just watching him.
He spits out a tooth. It’s his front one. There’s a gap in his bloody mouth. He does one on the bottom and then another on the other side.
“Jesus, fuck!” I manage to say.
Jesse and Blake both cackle at my reaction.
“Hey Blake, I might need some help on this one,” Jesse says, his speech all
mushy. He takes the knife and points the tip right at the crown of his skull. He grips the handle with both hands and thrusts downward, meets resistance. There’s the soft thud as it buries into the initial topsoil of his hair and scalp.
By now I’m screaming and running and everything goes black. In an instant I’m out in the dark woods all alone. I can see the glow of the cabin off in the distance. It’s full on nighttime now. I make my way towards the light.
On the front stoop of the cabin’s front entrance I can make out flickers of candle light. I see glowing faces leering at me from afar, Jack-O-Lanterns. One is much bigger than the other.
The skin is orange, spray paint. There are two triangles punched out of what I can only assume is Blake’s chest, right where his nipples would be. A smaller triangle makes a nose right below his sternum and there is a jagged grin carved into his abdomen. Flames dance from somewhere within his body cavity.
Jesse’s head is shaved and his face is orange. His eyes are still hollow and his nose is gone. The knife is buried to the hilt at the top of his head. His punched out sockets glow candlelight and his jaw is propped open while the spotlight of his now crooked grin dances across the ground.
Both of their remains suddenly burst into flame and topple against the side of the cabin—and because this is a dream with its own logic—the cabin bursts into flames.
My scream is paralyzed in my throat and I awake gasping for air, jerking and tangled in the sheets. Theresa rolls over half asleep and clings to me and I cling to her until I slowly acclimate to reality, my body wide awake until the morning comes.
There’s a creeping dread as I go about my morning routine. I try to leave my phone on the charger as long as possible. I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to enter their names.
It was all just a dream. Nothing really happened.
Yet I can’t focus. Can’t eat breakfast. Can barely force myself to drink a few gulps of coffee. It’s like a scratch I’m trying to ignore.
Do it.
You have to know.
I pull up my phone, open Google. I enter their names, Jesse Stephenson and Blake Phelps. The top result is a sledgehammer to my balls. I double over and gag, choking on the splash of coffee and stomach acid that works its way out.
The date for the headline was November 1st. It occurred on Halloween. It was ten years ago.
The article doesn’t report the state of their bodies, if my two former classmates' bodies had been turned into gruesome Jack-O-Lanterns. I imagine that a fire like that, there’s not a lot of information that can be determined. Yet the article does report an unnerving fact, that Blake was survived by two children and his wife Christy.
Christy, that was her name. I do vaguely remember fooling around with her one semi-drunken night and the fallout that occurred. I never knew they got married. Not until I read the article. Not until Blake told me they did.
I can’t shake the feeling. The feeling that this happened ten years ago. On Halloween. The feeling that maybe this happens in cycles, in ten year cycles. The feeling that my luck has run dry and my number is up, the feeling that Halloween is only six days away and I’m next.
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2020.10.25 03:02 Ingr1d 2nd Year Volume 3 Summary

Chapter 1
>!Test rules:!<
>!An area will be designated. First group to get there will get 10 points, The 2nd group 5 points and the 3rd group 3 points. In addition, every individual who arrives will receive one point for their group. So a group of 3 can potentially get a maximum of 13 points whilst for example, someone running solo can only get a maximum of 11 points. However, when calculating the order of arrival, it counts from the moment when every single member of a group arrives at the designated area. Additionally, if the designated area for example moves from D2 to D3 then back to D2, anyone who hasn’t yet left D2 will still get the one point for arrival but won’t be eligible to receive the reward for arriving in the top 3 rankings. Every single day the designated area will be announced 4 times. These times are 7 to 9 AM, 9 to 11 AM, 1 to 3 PM and 3 to 5 PM.!<
>!All the movements of the students and the points they earn are monitored by a watch. The school can also monitor students’ body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, sleep hours and stress levels and if any parameter exceeds the acceptable limits, a warning alert will be sounded from the watch. While the warning alarm, will only be given for 5 seconds, if the student’s relevant parameter hasn’t reached acceptable levels after 10 minutes, the alarm will ring again. After another 5 minutes, the alarm will ring again and this time won’t stop ringing until the student turns it off. When this happens the student must return to the starting point within 24 hours to receive a medical check. Otherwise, if they ignore the alarm or are unable to reach it, medical staff will rush to their location by GPS tracking.!<
>!In order to prevent cheating, the watch requires a special tool to attach and remove. If the watch is forcefully removed, it will stop registering points. Additionally if the watch is damaged, it will also stop registering points. However, the student will not be penalised and can simply go to the starting point to have it exchanged for a working watch.!<
>!The groups are separated into 12 different routes for the designated points so that not everyone is moving to the same place. If a large group is formed during the exam, all members of the group’s routes will become the same.!<
>!Kiyotaka is mildly cautious of the possibility of Tsukishiro messing with his watch but thinks that it’s unlikely for him to able to repeatedly mess with Kiyotaka’s score unless he wants to arouse suspicion.!<
>!There’s also special tests for the first few groups to arrive at every designated spot which provide opportunities to earn more points. They include things like mathematics, shotput and fishing.!<
>!One of what I feel like is the biggest advantages for being in a group is that every student gets 5000 purchase points to spend, with the group leader getting another 2500. Large groups can pool together their money and things like multi-person tents are a lot more cost efficient per person than single person tents.!<
Chapter 2
>!The items that Kiyotaka chose were a tent, 2 Litres of water, 12 servings of portable food, a torch, a spare phone battery, pot, lighter and set of paper cups for a total of 4960 points. The first graders disembark from the ship first and when all the first graders have disembarked, the first designated areas will be announced at 9 AM. This is done with the intention of giving the first graders a slight handicap. Since the classes disembark from A to D within each year group, D class is at a considerable disadvantage for the first designated area. Kiyotaka’s first designated area is D7 whilst Horikita’s is F9. Horikita tells Kiyotaka that she won’t worry about what he does but to make sure to get at least one of the top rankings. He replies that it wouldn’t be funny if he got expelled after all this. Horikita says that she would be troubled by that because Kiyotaka still owes her money.!<
>!There are 100 areas in total. Each is 500 m by 700 m. Kiyotaka has to first move from D9 to D7. Since there is no chance of catching up to the first years, he is in no hurry and leisurely waits at the starting area. Kiryuuin comes up and asks why he is still at the starting area. The first designated area for both of them is D7 so she suggests that they go together but Kiyotaka declines by saying that he doesn’t know whether he can keep up with her pace. Kiryuuin says it’s easy to tell whether that’s a lie and moves forward. Kiyotaka waits for a while but is unable to see Nagumo amongst the disembarking 3rd years so he also leaves for his designated area. On the way, Kiyotaka passes by the group of Airi, Haruka and Akito. Their first area was D8 so they had collected the three points of arrival already. Kiyotaka arrives at D7 and confirms on the tablet that he had received the point. There he meets Nanase. Apparently, Houzen and Amasawa had gone on ahead to scout the surrounding area whilst she stayed behind to look at their competing groups.!<
>!Kiyotaka takes a look at the wide array of special tests nearby. He sees a large amount of students heading towards the English test, perhaps because they don’t want to take any strange tests that they are unfamiliar with. Kiyotaka heads to the grip strength test in C6 but is informed by Hoshinomiya-sensei that he was 5 minutes late and didn’t make the 120 minute entry deadline. Kiyotaka is about to leave but is stopped by Hoshinomiya-sensei. Kiyotaka mentally notes that since Hoshinomiya-sensei saw his performance as the command tower in the end of year exam on top of his full marks in maths, she should have a rough idea of his abilities. Hoshinomiya-sensei asks why he decided to get full marks in maths since she thought he was someone who didn’t like to stand out. She points out that there was a question in there that even she wouldn’t be able to solve. Kiyotaka says that quite a few students in the school would probably be able to solve that question. Hoshinomiya-sensei says even if there were such students, they would probably be in A or B class. She points out that Class D is full of defective students and in the middle of them, there is Kiyotaka is someone with terribly high specs that are unsuitable to being in Class D. She says that it’s the first time a class that she has led has ever dropped to Class C and expresses a little dissatisfaction since she thought that this class could have had the potential to be Class A. When Kiyotaka points out that it’s the homeroom teacher’s job to do something about that, she says that she has a brilliant idea and invites Kiyotaka to join her class in the same way Katsuragi joined B class. Kiyotaka doesn’t think it’s a brilliant idea at all and puts it at about the same level as Ishizaki since even if he had the 20 million points, he’d be better off just holding on to them since he doesn’t know who would end up being class A at graduation. In the grip measurement test, Sudo takes first place and takes the 5 points.!<
>!After that, Kiyotaka tried going to another 2 task areas but both had been quickly filled. His second designated area was B7 and his third was D7. The only points Kiyotaka had accumulated were the arrival bonuses and with just a total of 3 points, without a doubt he was amongst the lowest point scoring groups for the day. In a place close to where they met earlier in the day, he runs into Nanase again. Once again it looked like she was moving alone. Her group had collected 8 points for arrival bonuses since Nanase didn’t arrive in time for the 2nd, but got 1st place in one of the tasks she competed in and hence got a total of 13 points. After exchanging information about their circumstances, they separated. Kiyotaka sets up his tent in a cool area in D7. He pours his water into a paper cup because drinking directly from the bottle would lead to the possibility of germs from his mouth entering the plastic bottle. Whilst the food and water from the beginning would be able to last the first 2 days, it was imperative for him to compete in tasks which gave them out as prizes. However, those tasks had significantly greater competition for entry.!<
>!Kiyotaka wakes up in the middle of night and contemplates about Tsukishiro’s involvement in the exam. The most direct way to expel him would be to drop him to the bottom 5 ranks but that would most likely not be possible. It could be possible that the points displayed on his tablet right now were fake and a different number was inputted in the system but Kiyotaka doesn’t think Tsukishiro wants to get into trouble with the school. Hence, if Kiyotaka were in his shoes, the most appropriate action would be to cause him to forcefully retire from the exam due to an injury. The forest has minimal surveillance and a white room student would probably have the ability to hide any human involvement and make it look like an accident.!<
Chapter 3
>!Kiyotaka wakes up at 6:30 and eats his portable servings and drinks some water before waiting for the notification of the next designated area at 7 AM. His next designated area is E8 which was closeby so he immediately began moving and increased his pace compared to the first day. As he arrived in the area, he immediately received the notification that he had achieved first place and received 10 points. At 9 AM his designated area was E6 and he arrived in 2nd place and received 5 points. At 1 PM, his third designated area was F7 where he once again arrived 2nd and received another 5 points. Most of the tasks that were within his reach had a participation requirement of at least 2 members in the group. With the 23 points from today in addition to the 3 points from the first day, Kiyotaka now had 26 points. He once again ran into Nanase for the 3rd time. At this point they both wondered whether they had the same route. Kiyotaka is a bit concerned about the high encounter rate. Even if they had the same route, the tasks that they would participate in would be different and it was unlikely to run into each other so many times. It was also impossible to acertain whether Nanase was actually on the same route since she still had Amasawa and Housen in her group who could at least collect 2 points at every designated area even without her participation. Just as Kiyotaka was about to leave, Nanase requested to accompany him. Kiyotaka is confused since there was absolutely zero merit for people from different grades to accompany each other. Nanase says that last night Housen and Amasawa got into a fight and decided that it was better for each of them to act alone. Nanase wants to follow Kiyotaka because he had arrived before her at each of the last few designated areas. She says that she will always let him enter first and if only one spot is remaining for a given task, she would concede that spot to him. Kiyotaka challenges her to keep up with her pace and the possibility that he may choose very steep paths. In the end, Kiyotaka allows her accompaniment.!<
>!At that point, a quiz task point appears at F8. Kiyotaka suggests to head for that and Nanase agrees. He actually wanted to go to the ‘lifting’ task in E5 but since it had a tougher path, he decided to go to F8 instead to first ascertain Nanase’s physical capabilities. In the group task, every single person in the group can participate. Hence the more people in a group, the greater the advantage since there would be more brains in the group and hence more trivia knowledge. Nanase questions whether he really wanted to go to E5 so Kiyotaka says it was 50-50 for him and he wasn’t really leaning either way. Nanase says that’s fine but tells him to not mind her and to please make the same decisions as he usually would. Sudou sees Kiyotaka and tells him to hurry since there are only 3 spots remaining. Kiyotaka mentions the grip strength test and Sudou dramatically expresses his relief that Kiyotaka wasn’t competing with him. Apparently Ike is still feeling down from the Shinohara incident but Sudou doesn’t know about it because Ike is trying to cover it up. Sudou then notices Nanase’s presence and drags Kiyotaka aside to ask him about it. He warns Kiyotaka that Nanase might still be trying to expel him but Kiyotaka barely reacts. He tells Kiyotaka to tell him if any problems come up. The last group comes and the quiz starts. The first question is about an anime and Kiyotaka is stunned because he has absolutely no idea. He hears someone say “easy” and looks at the multiple choice answers with a perplexed expression. The second question is also about an anime. Kiyotaka realises it was a waste of time to participate. After completing the 20 questions in 10 minutes, Kiyotaka closed the tablet. He got 4 answers right with a final score of 20%. It was even below the 25% probability that came with multiple choice. Sudou’s group was first with 95%. Ike and Hondou were apparently good with this kind of stuff. Nanase comes up and says “It was full of difficult problems, wasn’t it?”. She got 25%. Kiyotaka notes that this is the first time in this school that Hondou has made such a big contribution since up until now. It looked like this test was also able to look at other factors besides academics and sports. Before the test he was worried by the unbalanced Sudou group but it might just be a good combination.!<
>!The fourth designated area is I7. To get there with the shortest possible distance, they needed to cross a mountain. To choose a safe route, they would have to take a big detour. Rather than score at the designated area, Kiyotaka chooses to challenge the maths task in G8 and English task in G9. Since their next designated area will be near I7, he doesn’t want to set up camp too close in case he accidentally camps in the next designated area. Hence he decides that they’ll set up camp in H9. Sudou overhears and they agree to meet up together on the beach at 5:30 since Sudou’s next designated area is H9. After they meet up, Kiyotaka notices that the other 2 members of Sudou’s group look exhausted. They had been keeping up a high pace and aggressively taking points wherever they could but Kiyotaka questions whether they’ll be able to keep it up. Sudou asks Ike for camping spot suggestions. Nanase points out that Ike isn’t really being the mood maker that Kiyotaka said he was, to which Kiyotaka replies that there are personal circumstances. Everyone aside from Ike starts to grill him for the cause of his mood and because the flow of the conversation became like this, Kiyotaka naturally joined in. Sudou and Hondou say “it’s not going to be anything important anyway” and the two best friend/bad friends pressure him. Ike eventually confesses that he likes Shinohara. Sudou is confused because he’s used to Ike always arguing with her and saying bad things about her behind her back. Nanase ends up giving romance consultation to Ike (LOL).!<
Chapter 4
>!The next morning the first designated area is H7. It would be tough to reach it within 2 hours. Sudou’s group’s designated area is the same for halfway. As such, Kiyotaka decides not to do anything hard that would leave Ike and Hondou behind and stay together as a group, hence giving up on reaching the designated area. The next designated area then arrived. After splitting up with Sudou’s group, when Kiyotaka was in J6, he received a notification for a Beach flag competition. He chose to forgo it and instead aimed for the arrival rankings for the designated area. After stepping in J5 it was confirmed that Kiyotaka got 1st place and Nanase must have gotten the arrival point. The finish order would be dependent on Housen and Amasawa also arriving. Next they returned to the beach flag challenge in J6. They found that a large number of people had gathered even though there was no one when they had just passed by it earlier. It requires even numbers of men and women to participate. All the men’s spots were filled up but there was one position remaining for the girls. Nanase offered to leave but Kiyotaka told her to participate in return for conceding all the area entry rankings to him. Student council vice-president Kiriyama was among the competitors. Nanase changed into a bikini swimsuit here while 5 of the 8 girls changed into school swimsuits. She just replies to Kiyotaka’s questioning that everyone in the beach flags competition she saw on TV wore swimsuits like this so she thought it was normal. In the men’s tournament, Kiriyama wins. Nanase wins the women’s tournament. Kiyotaka notes that she won with quite a large margin and wasn’t showing her full strength. He feels like Nanase’s B+ physical rating on OAA was insufficient and that it wouldn’t be strange for her to have an A or A+ rating. Here, Kiriyama approached Kiyotaka and warned him not to say anything unnecessary while looking towards the sea. Kiyotaka followed his gaze and saw student council president Nagumo. Nagumo invites Kiyotaka to also swim but Kiyotaka replies that he can’t afford the luxury to rent a swimsuit. Nagumo, Asahina and some other third years are not only wearing swimsuits but are even playing with a beach ball. Tomorrow the top 10 and bottom 10 rankings will be revealed tomorrow. Nagumo warns Kiyotaka that if there is any 1st year or 2nd year group in the top 3 positions, he will personally make sure to drop that group with no exceptions. Nagumo gets called away by some other 3rd year and after confirming that there’s enough distance between them Asahina comes over to Kiyotaka’s side. She comments on Kiyotaka going solo and says that probably was the right choice because otherwise he could have caught Nagumo’s attention.!<
>!Nanase asks Kiyotaka why he’s acting alone. He lies and says he couldn’t find anyone to group up with. She says that it’s hard to see that from his personal relatiomships. She says that Kiyotaka’s movements when up against Housen were not those of a normal high school student. Kiyotaka replies that if she could understand that, then she wasn’t a normal high school student either. Nanase says that she used to laugh more when she was in junior high. She says that she doesn’t know whether it’s Houzen or Amazawa but someone in her group is earning more points than her. During the free time between 11-1, Kiyotaka wants to complete a task. Nanase is resting and drinking water. She’s afraid of being left behind by him but Kiyotaka recommends that she rest here. They separate temporarily and Kiyotaka looks to challenge the history test that will start soon. Kiyotaka notices multiple groups moving in the same direction so he takes a different route and runs. He arrives there before them and is the 7th group to participate. Of the remaining groups, Hashimoto is in the lea, followed by Kamuro. A bunch of first years following right after them. The last member of Hashimoto’s group is far behind so Hashimoto grabs Kamuro and says that they’ll participate with just the two of them, taking the final spot. Kiyotaka takes first place, scoring 100 points. A 3rd year group takes 2nd place with 80 points and the Hashimoto-Kamuro pair take 3rd place with 70 points. Hashimoto asks where Kiyotaka is going next. Kiyotaka answers chemistry. Originally he probably would have chosen to go to the same place, but to the disgust of Kamuro, he chose to change to a different task. After that Kiyotaka also took 1st in the chemistry test and accumulated another 5 points. At this point, Kiyotaka now had 48 points.!<
>!The last designated area for the day is I4. Nanase has recovered and they quickly head in that direction with the intention of claiming the ranking rewards. However, they soon find that the terrain was quite difficult and in the worst case, it would be possible for students to fall and injure themselves. Since both of them are running on their last 500 mL of water, they decide to head to H3 which on top of points, also provides water as a reward. Since other groups were likely falling into the same crisis, the battle for drinking water was likely to be fierce. Even more so because the strongest groups would take first 4 or 5 times a day and all the groups who ran out of water would soon have to return to the starting area and be unable to compete for points. Nanase raises this concern and Kiyotaka says that in the worst case scenario he can boil water in his pot and disinfect it that way. Nanase points out that they’re running slightly off the track from the designated area but Kiyotaka finds Sakagami-sensei setting up for a task which opens at 3:30 PM. As soon as the clock strikes 3:30, they announce their participation. Nanase checks her tablet to see what kind of task it is. Sakagami-sensei says that they’re lucky and that this was simply a task to give water based on the order of arrival. 2 litres and 3 points were given to the first place Kiyotaka whilst 1.5 litres and 2 points were given to the second place Nanase. When they arrived at I4, they weren’t in time for the ranking rewards.!<
>!When they were setting up camp by the river, they ran into Ike who signalled for them to head upstream and join him. Ike shows them a bucket containing several fish which he had caught and invites them to eat dinner together. As Ike is roasting the fish, a nearby voice says that “there’s a nice smell” and comes over. Unexoectedly, that voice belonged to Kei. Kei’s group members are both from 2nd year Class A. Kei pressures Ike into also giving her a share but he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t like her. When Sudou tells him that she might know something about Shinohara, Ike lets her join. Hence even though Kei was half joking, they ended up camping together. While waiting for Ike to cook the fish, the two go into the forest away from the eyes of other people. Over the 3 days, Kei’s group has scored 37 points. She gets a bit jealous and interrogates Kiyotaka about him working together with a first year girl. He gets her to shut up by kissing her while she was pouting. He then says that everyone will get suspicious if they don’t return soon and leaves her in a state of shock.!<
Chapter 5
>!The next morning at 5 AM, Nanase and Kiyotaka are awoken by a faint distant ringing alarm sound. Nanase wants to go help but Kiyotaka reckons the school’s staff will probably get there first. When he sees Nanase’s determination to go alone if he doesn’t cooperate, he goes to wake up Sudou’s group. As they get closer, they realise that it’s actually 2 alarms that are going off. It’s Komiya and Kinoshita from Class B who are unconscious. Shinohara who should have been the 3rd member of the group is nowhere to be seen. Komiya and Kinoshita appear to have each potentially broken one of their legs. According to Komiya, he felt a sudden shock to his ankle and fell down the slope. Kiyotaka feels like if this only happened to one person, it could have been an accident but since the exact same thing happened to two, unless Kinoshita was trying to help Komiya and the same thing happened to her, it was unlikely to be an accident. Ike tries to climb up the slope which Komiya and Kinoshita fell from and Kiyotaka chases after him. Ike almost slips and is helped by Kiyotaka who then tells him to follow after him. At the top they find a scared Shinohara who says that she hid without screaming for help because she saw someone push Komiya and Kinoshita. Kiyotaka asks if Shinohara saw anyone last night who could have been the suspect. Shinohara doesn’t remember so he changes direction and asks about who they were camping next to. Shinohara remembered a group of 3 first year girls and one first year boy.!<
>!Back at the ground, after Kiyotaka and Ike leave, Nanase notices the presence of someone watching them. She entrusts the two injured people to Sudou and puts the tablet on the ground before chasing after the presence. She is confident in her own running speed but the opponent is even faster and the distance between them only widens. She loses the person and meets back up with Kiyotaka, Ike and Shinohara before returning together to where Sudou is. As they are waiting for the teachers to arrive, a group of first year students arrive. It’s a group of one boy and 3 girls that includes Sakurako Tsubaki.!<
>!Chabashira and Sakagami also come but end up with the conclusion that Shinohara is lying because there was no other GPS signal in the area other than Shinohara. Komiya entrusts Shinohara to Ike for the rest of the special exam. Kiyotaka suggests for Shinohara to just wait the special exam out at the starting port and receive whatever help she can from passing groups. Shinohara is prepared to have to leave the school, however, Ike refuses to give up and wants to save her. As is the Ike specialty, he hides this by saying that he has to help her for the sake of class points. However, Shinohara says that it would just be a burden to Sudou and Hondou. But in the end, with the support of Sudou, Ike decides to support Shinohara as much as he can, even if they have to lose points as a result of a merger between the two groups.!<
>!By the time they return to the tents and set off again, it is already 7:30 AM and the designation area announcement was half an hour ago. The top 10 and bottom 10 ranking were released today. Amongst the bottom 10 rankings, 7 are 3rd graders and 2 are 1st graders. The only 2nd graders is the group consisting of Akito, Haruka and Airi who are currently 9th from the bottom with 28 points.!<
Chapter 6
>!The next day Akito’s group has left the bottom 10 whilst Shinohara’s group has entered the bottom 10. Kiyotaka had been wanting to meet up with Ryuuen to talk and had been considering using the GPS function which opened tomorrow but coincidentally ran into Ryuuen and Katsuragi fishing. As it turns out, Kiyotaka was currently 74th with 52 points, Ryuuen and Katsuragi’s group was 10th with 92 points and Kouenji was in fourth place with 126 points despite going solo. Out of all the top 10 groups, he has the most first place finishes. Kiyotaka brings up the Shinohara case. Ryuuen doesn’t appear to concerned but when he hears from Kiyotaka than Komiya and Kinoshita have retired, his expression freezes. Kiyotaka conveys some kind of plan to Ryuuen who agrees to it but we as the reader do not know what this plan is. Kiyotaka and Nanase continue on to a tug of war task. They thought they would be the first there due to how close they were but Kouenji was already there. He doesn’t appear to have any luggage including his tablet and merely carries a bottle of water in his hands. Kiyotaka deduces that the reason he is able to move so quickly was because of the lack of weight he was carrying. Just as usual, Kouenji’s actions are incomprehensible. Since it is a gender divided 1v1, Kiyotaka has to face Kouenji. Kiyotaka wants to just concede the victory to Kouenji since he has a much better chance of claiming top 3 in the overall rankings. However, Koenji didn’t pull at all and refused to move until Kiyotaka took it seriously. In order to end things quickly, Kiyotaka put in more strength which Kouenji matched until Kiyotaka eventually let go and ended the match. They return to the starting port with Nanase just one minute behind. Once again Kiyotaka is impressed with Nanase’s physical endurance for a first year female student. At the start point, there is a open water swimming task which is a competition to swim 2 km. Since the difficulty requirement is high, 20 points are up for offer. Kiyotaka arrives too late for the boys and finds Kouenji already in the queue. He sends Nanase off to participate and goes to meet his primary aim for coming – Sakayanagi. Kouenji has now leapfrogged Kiriyama’s group into 2nd place and were he to win in the open water swimming task, he would take first place overall. Sakayanagi knows about Kiyotaka working with Nanase because she receives information from all around the island. In the swimming challenge, Kouenji was leaving the other contestants behind his trail. Sakayanagi says that while Ryuuen may participate because it has value for his class, Class A doesn’t particularly see any merits in cooperating. Kiyotaka believes that Nagumo will also use a similar strategy in the second half of the exam.!<
>!Kiyotaka discretely talks to Mashima who tells him that Tsukishiro hasn’t made any obvious moves to hinder Kiyotaka. The only thing suspicious was that he prepared 2 rescue boats rather than just one. In the open water swimming contest, Nanase achieved 3rd place while Kouenji took 1st in the men’s. Onodera from Class 2D took 1st place in the women’s. Kouenji has temporarily claimed 1st place but from now on Nagumo’s group will increase in numbers and have an even larger advantage over Kouenji. After reaching the final designated point, Kiyotaka and Nanase are setting up tents but he is called out to by Class 2C’s Tetsuya Hamaguchi. He invites them to come for yakiniku. Ichinose’s class have set up a system where they bought stuff like a barbecue stove and having a few people responsible for feeding the entire class since moving a large amount of utensils and ingredients would be difficult. Essentially, the reason for inviting Kiyotaka and Nanase to dinner was because they wanted to hear whether Kiyotaka had made any progress with Ichinose since recently they often heard her say his name. It isn’t in a malicious sense but in a friendly teasing gossiping sense since they think at least 80% of the 2nd year boys like Honami. Kiyotaka is exasperated by the fact that they were gossiping in the presence of the person involved.!<
Chapter 7
>!On the 6th day, Kiyotaka got first place at the first designated area B6. The next designated area was A5 but he was unfortunately unable to place in the top 3 ranks. At 1 PM, the third announcement required them to move to C3 but the closest way of doing that would be to cross a mountain. Rather than taking a detour, that’s what they decided to do. They came across a 10 m cliff which they needed to climb. Nanase insisted that she could do it so Kiyotaka let her try but she fell back down. Kiyotaka decided that was the limit of her abilities and that it was time to part ways after 6 days. However, after climbing, he soon felt her presence following after him. Nanase says to not worry about her. Kiyotaka wonders why she’s going so far to follow him. He wonders whether she’s going to sabotage him by attacking his legs. But seeing her determination and not wanting to waste any more time, he lends her a hand. After he reaches the top, Kiyotaka didn’t wait for Nanase and kept walking ahead. Although Nanase lagged behind, her determination to follow him didn’t change. Kiyotaka began mentally comparing her to a dog. Kiyotaka arrives first and receives the first place reward. Although she didn’t get the second place reward, Nanase still sighed in relief.!<
>!All of the main 1st year members have been gathered together to listen to what Tsubaki has to say. This meeting was predetermined at a specific location on a specific date from the beginning of the exam. Since Tsubaki herself doesn’t have any significant accomplishments, it would have been difficult to find people to listen to her so she had Yagami help her gather everyone. At the meeting they accuse each other of aiming for Ayanokouji even though each of them said they weren’t planning on participating. Tsubaki uses Kushida as blackmail material to threaten Yagami into spilling his plans whilst Utsunomiya holds him from behind. Yagami ends up spilling the beans on Kushida’s past and the fact that she wants to expel Kiyotaka because he knows her secret.!<
Chapter 8
>!At the start of the 7th day, Kiyotaka is in 51st place with 67 points. He plans on turning it up a gear in the second half of the exam. Kouenji was continuing to make good progress in 2nd place with an 8 point difference between him and the first place Nagumo’s group. Ryuuen and Katsuragi’s group are also in 9th place. The top 10 groups have 6 3rd year groups, 3 2nd year groups and one first year group. The first year group is Yagami and Utsunomiya’s elite group. That day, Kiyotake notices that Nanase is in a bit of a daze and that her concentration levels aren’t as high as they usually are. Kiyotaka was the first to arrive at the designated area. The next designated area is E2. It is quite close to but for the closest route, crossing a mountain is once again necessary. However, the weather looks like it might start to rain soon. Concerned about the danger posed by the ground getting muddy, Kiyotaka proposes that they take the long detour but Nanase is so determined to take the mountain route that she even said she would take it by herself if necessary. Kiyotaka decides to accompany her but notes that she was convinced he was going to choose that route. On the way, Nanase is struggling and breathing heavily so Kiyotaka carries her belongings for her. Nanase says that she’s going to finally reveal the real reason why she accompanied him for this entire week. She apologises saying that Kiyotaka won’t be able to reach E2. Kiyotaka jibes at her asking for what purpose did she have them take such a difficult route if that wasn’t her intention. She says it was to guide him here, to area D3.!<
>!Kiyotaka realises that there’s the presence of other people. Nanase says that he only has three choices. 1. Stand here and fight, get injured by her and be forced to retire from the exam. 2. Defeat her and leave the evidence of him severely injuring a first year girl and be retired due to violating rules. The teacher who will come will be Tsukishiro so any situation where he defeats Nanase would paint him in a bad light. 3. Put down his belongings and run away. But without his tablet and food or water, it would be impossible for Kiyotaka to continue the exam. It turns out that Nanase has created some kind of pseudo-personality of Matsuo’s son and Kiyotaka mentally breaks her down during the fight by saying that with only this level of ability her attacks will never reach him. Whilst that wouldn’t be true if they fought forever, since none of Nanase’s attacks hit him, she feels like it’s the truth. She ends up collapsing in despair.!<
>!Meanwhile Kushida had been trailing the two of them after being tipped by Yagami that there was an opportunity to get her hated enemy Kiyotaka expelled. She now realises that the number 1 enemy she must expel isn’t Horikita but rather Kiyotaka. She blames herself for not finding it suspicious after Ryuuen suddenly stopped looking for X in Class D last year. However, as she’s about to start recording before Nanase and Kiyotaka’s fight, Ichika who she’s never interacted with, randomly comes up and interferes. She tries to play her usual personality but Ichika just keeps slapping her and even punches her once to eventually draw out Kushida’s true personality. She asks why Ichika is doing this to which Ichika says she came to save Kiyotaka because he was a very important person to her.!<
>!Kushida: “Huh? What does that even mean? Do you like him?”!<
>!Amasawa: “I don’t want you to describe my relation to him in such an unpleasant way. Rather than like, it’s more that he’s precious to me? Yep, something more than that… I think. More than something like love.”!<
>!Amasawa says see you and turns to leave but Kushida tries to attack her when she has her back turned. However the attack is dodged and Kushida is just sent sprawling to the ground again. Kushida thinks back to how this all started. After noticing Yagami’s strange relationship with Kushida, four other 1st year students confronted Kushida and got past out of her (Housen, Riku, Tsubaki and someone from 1A). As a result, she lost a lot of trust in him but he says that as long as Kushida cooperates and expels Ayanokouj, he will give her the private points and then expel the other 4 first years. He insists on her doing it because it would be suspicious if a man were to simply film a fight without stepping in to stop it, while Kushida could just pretend to be too scared to intervene. Being the paranoid bitch that she is, Kushida says there’s a chance her class could turn on her for selling out their classmate so Yagami says she can just send him to video anonymously.!<
>!Ichinose had accidentally tripped by the riverside and broken her watch on a rock. As such, the GPS function and some of the health monitoring functions of the watch had broken. Without a functional watch, she wouldn’t be able to collect points and hence needed to return to the starting area to have it replaced. Since she couldn’t navigate without her watch, Shibata accompanied her for a 2 hour walk until they were almost back at the starting area. Ichinose told him to go back since she didn’t want to hold him back any longer. As she walked towards the starting area through a forest, she heard the voices of Tsukishiro and first year Class D homeroom teacher Shiba-sensei. At first she only wanted to ask them directions to the starting area but thought it would be a student’s own responsibility for breaking their watch so decided not to approach them and hid herself, instead following them back to the starting area. Originally, she wasn’t focused on their conversation but they mentioned Mashima and Chabashira being Ayanokouji’s allies which caught her attention. She only picked up bits and pieces of information like Ayanokouji being from a place called the White Room and the fact that Tsukishiro and Shiba were planning on having him expelled. Eventually, Tsukishiro and Shiba noticed the presence of someone following them and turned around. In a panic, Ichinose threw her bag into the nearby bushes and ran but tripped and was caught by Shiba. Although she didn’t hear any concrete information, Tsukishiro and Shiba treated her as if she heard everything and said that if she spoke about this matter to anyone, they would have a group of class 2C students retire from the exam. They are fairly confident that Ichinose wouldn’t risk her classmates to help a powerful enemy from another class. !<
>!Nanase says that since coming to this school, she realised that Kiyotaka won’t receive any news from the outside world. She reveals that she is Matsuo Eichirou’s childhood friend. Kiyotaka’s father’s harassment caused him to move schools but even after moving, the harassment continued so he eventually had to quit school altogether and get a part time job. Eichirou’s father eventually ended up committing suicide. She said that Eichiirou was always better than her at everything and even after everything that had happened, refused to give up and continued to have a smile on his face. On February 14th when she went to visit Eichirou’s apartment she found he had given up on living. At this time, Tsukishiro told her that the reason Eichirou’s life became messed up was because a person named Ayanokouji had escaped from a place called the White Room and enrolled in this Advanced Nurturing High School. Nanase understands that Kiyotaka didn’t do anything wrong but she just wanted someone to take her anger out on. She apologises and says that the least she can do will be to drop out from school since she failed to do what she was brought in to do. Kiyotaka says that him being at this school was the only resistance he could form against that man (his father). He says that if she wants to honour Eichirou Matsuo’s memory, the best thing she could do was cooperate to help him stay at the school since Matsuo had gone as far as disobeying orders to allow him to enrol. Nanase shakes his hand and promises to help him. Mentally, Kiyotaka is already measuring her usefulness as a tool.!<
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2020.10.24 23:53 zacklikescheese What are some good dog names?

For a male golden labrador and the sub rules dont let me make short posts so here is part the bee movie script
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” SEQ. 75 - “INTRO TO BARRY” INT. BENSON HOUSE - DAY ANGLE ON: Sneakers on the ground. Camera PANS UP to reveal BARRY BENSON’S BEDROOM ANGLE ON: Barry’s hand flipping through different sweaters in his closet. BARRY Yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black...oohh, black and yellow... ANGLE ON: Barry wearing the sweater he picked, looking in the mirror. BARRY (CONT’D) Yeah, let’s shake it up a little. He picks the black and yellow one. He then goes to the sink, takes the top off a CONTAINER OF HONEY, and puts some honey into his hair. He squirts some in his mouth and gargles. Then he takes the lid off the bottle, and rolls some on like deodorant. CUT TO: INT. BENSON HOUSE KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Barry’s mother, JANET BENSON, yells up at Barry. JANET BENSON Barry, breakfast is ready! CUT TO: "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 1. INT. BARRY’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS BARRY Coming! SFX: Phone RINGING. Barry’s antennae vibrate as they RING like a phone. Barry’s hands are wet. He looks around for a towel. BARRY (CONT’D) Hang on a second! He wipes his hands on his sweater, and pulls his antennae down to his ear and mouth. BARRY (CONT'D) Hello? His best friend, ADAM FLAYMAN, is on the other end. ADAM Barry? BARRY Adam? ADAM Can you believe this is happening? BARRY Can’t believe it. I’ll pick you up. Barry sticks his stinger in a sharpener. SFX: BUZZING AS HIS STINGER IS SHARPENED. He tests the sharpness with his finger. SFX: Bing. BARRY (CONT’D) Looking sharp. ANGLE ON: Barry hovering down the hall, sliding down the staircase bannister. Barry’s mother, JANET BENSON, is in the kitchen. JANET BENSON Barry, why don’t you use the stairs? Your father paid good money for those. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 2. BARRY Sorry, I’m excited. Barry’s father, MARTIN BENSON, ENTERS. He’s reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE, “Queen gives birth to thousandtuplets: Resting Comfortably.” MARTIN BENSON Here’s the graduate. We’re very proud of you, Son. And a perfect report card, all B’s. JANET BENSON (mushing Barry’s hair) Very proud. BARRY Ma! I’ve got a thing going here. Barry re-adjusts his hair, starts to leave. JANET BENSON You’ve got some lint on your fuzz. She picks it off. BARRY Ow, that’s me! MARTIN BENSON Wave to us. We’ll be in row 118,000. Barry zips off. BARRY Bye! JANET BENSON Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! CUT TO: SEQ. 750 - DRIVING TO GRADUATION EXT. BEE SUBURB - MORNING A GARAGE DOOR OPENS. Barry drives out in his CAR. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 3. ANGLE ON: Barry’s friend, ADAM FLAYMAN, standing by the curb. He’s reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE: “Frisbee Hits Hive: Internet Down. Bee-stander: “I heard a sound, and next thing I knew...wham-o!.” Barry drives up, stops in front of Adam. Adam jumps in. BARRY Hey, Adam. ADAM Hey, Barry. (pointing at Barry’s hair) Is that fuzz gel? BARRY A little. It’s a special day. Finally graduating. ADAM I never thought I’d make it. BARRY Yeah, three days of grade school, three days of high school. ADAM Those were so awkward. BARRY Three days of college. I’m glad I took off one day in the middle and just hitchhiked around the hive. ADAM You did come back different. They drive by a bee who’s jogging. ARTIE Hi Barry! BARRY (to a bee pedestrian) Hey Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. Barry and Adam drive from the suburbs into the city. ADAM Hey, did you hear about Frankie? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 4. BARRY Yeah. ADAM You going to his funeral? BARRY No, I’m not going to his funeral. Everybody knows you sting someone you die, you don’t waste it on a squirrel. He was such a hot head. ADAM Yeah, I guess he could’ve just gotten out of the way. The DRIVE through a loop de loop. BARRY AND ADAM Whoa...Whooo...wheee!! ADAM I love this incorporating the amusement park right into our regular day. BARRY I guess that’s why they say we don’t need vacations. CUT TO: SEQ. 95 - GRADUATION EXT. GRADUATION CEREMONY - CONTINUOUS Barry and Adam come to a stop. They exit the car, and fly over the crowd to their seats. * BARRY * (re: graduation ceremony) * Boy, quite a bit of pomp...under * the circumstances. * They land in their seats. BARRY (CONT’D) Well Adam, today we are men. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 5. ADAM We are. BARRY Bee-men. ADAM Amen! BARRY Hallelujah. Barry hits Adam’s forehead. Adam goes into the rapture. An announcement comes over the PA. ANNOUNCER (V.O) Students, faculty, distinguished bees...please welcome, Dean Buzzwell. ANGLE ON: DEAN BUZZWELL steps up to the podium. The podium has a sign that reads: “Welcome Graduating Class of:”, with train-station style flipping numbers after it. BUZZWELL Welcome New Hive City graduating class of... The numbers on the podium change to 9:15. BUZZWELL (CONT’D) ...9:15. (he clears his throat) And that concludes our graduation ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries. BARRY Are we going to pick our job today? ADAM I heard it’s just orientation. The rows of chairs change in transformer-like mechanical motion to Universal Studios type tour trams. Buzzwell walks off stage. BARRY (re: trams) Whoa, heads up! Here we go. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 6. SEQ. 125 - “FACTORY” FEMALE VOICE (V.O) Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times. (in Spanish) Dejen las manos y antennas adentro del tram a todos tiempos. BARRY I wonder what it’s going to be like? ADAM A little scary. Barry shakes Adam. BARRY AND ADAM AAHHHH! The tram passes under SIGNS READING: “Honex: A Division of Honesco: A Part of the Hexagon Group.” TRUDY Welcome to Honex, a division of Honesco, and a part of the Hexagon group. BARRY This is it! The Honex doors OPEN, revealing the factory. BARRY (CONT’D) Wow. TRUDY We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life. Honey begins when our valiant pollen jocks bring the nectar to the hive where our top secret formula is automatically color-corrected, scent adjusted and bubble contoured into this... Trudy GRABS a TEST TUBE OF HONEY from a technician. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 7. TRUDY (CONT’D) ...soothing, sweet syrup with its distinctive golden glow, you all know as... EVERYONE ON THE TRAM (in unison) H-o-n-e-y. Trudy flips the flask into the crowd, and laughs as they all scramble for it. ANGLE ON: A GIRL BEE catching the honey. ADAM (sotto) That girl was hot. BARRY (sotto) She’s my cousin. ADAM She is? BARRY Yes, we’re all cousins. ADAM Right. You’re right. TRUDY At Honex, we also constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence. These bees are stress testing a new helmet technology. ANGLE ON: A STUNT BEE in a HELMET getting hit with a NEWSPAPER, then a SHOE, then a FLYSWATTER. He gets up, and gives a “thumb’s up”. The graduate bees APPLAUD. ADAM (re: stunt bee) What do you think he makes? BARRY Not enough. TRUDY And here we have our latest advancement, the Krelman. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 8. BARRY Wow, what does that do? TRUDY Catches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it. Saves us millions. ANGLE ON: The Krelman machine. Bees with hand-shaped hats on, rotating around a wheel to catch drips of honey. Adam’s hand shoots up. ADAM Can anyone work on the Krelman? TRUDY Of course. Most bee jobs are small ones. But bees know that every small job, if it’s done well, means a lot. There are over 3000 different bee occupations. But choose carefully, because you’ll stay in the job that you pick for the rest of your life. The bees CHEER. ANGLE ON: Barry’s smile dropping slightly. BARRY The same job for the rest of your life? I didn’t know that. ADAM What’s the difference? TRUDY And you’ll be happy to know that bees as a species haven’t had one day off in 27 million years. BARRY So you’ll just work us to death? TRUDY (laughing) We’ll sure try. Everyone LAUGHS except Barry. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 9. The tram drops down a log-flume type steep drop. Cameras flash, as all the bees throw up their hands. The frame freezes into a snapshot. Barry looks concerned. The tram continues through 2 doors. FORM DISSOLVE TO: SEQ. 175 - “WALKING THE HIVE” INT. HONEX LOBBY ANGLE ON: The log-flume photo, as Barry looks at it. ADAM Wow. That blew my mind. BARRY (annoyed) “What’s the difference?” Adam, how could you say that? One job forever? That’s an insane choice to have to make. ADAM Well, I’m relieved. Now we only have to make one decision in life. BARRY But Adam, how could they never have told us that? ADAM Barry, why would you question anything? We’re bees. We’re the most perfectly functioning society on Earth. They walk by a newspaper stand with A SANDWICH BOARD READING: “Bee Goes Berserk: Stings Seven Then Self.” ANGLE ON: A BEE filling his car’s gas tank from a honey pump. He fills his car some, then takes a swig for himself. NEWSPAPER BEE (to the bee guzzling gas) Hey! Barry and Adam begin to cross the street. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 10. BARRY Yeah but Adam, did you ever think that maybe things work a little too well around here? They stop in the middle of the street. The traffic moves perfectly around them. ADAM Like what? Give me one example. BARRY (thinks) ...I don’t know. But you know what I’m talking about. They walk off. SEQ. 400 - “MEET THE JOCKS” SFX: The SOUND of Pollen Jocks. PAN DOWN from the Honex statue. J-GATE ANNOUNCER Please clear the gate. Royal Nectar Force on approach. Royal Nectar Force on approach. BARRY Wait a second. Check it out. Hey, hey, those are Pollen jocks. ADAM Wow. FOUR PATROL BEES FLY in through the hive’s giant Gothic entrance. The Patrol Bees are wearing fighter pilot helmets with black visors. ADAM (CONT’D) I’ve never seen them this close. BARRY They know what it’s like to go outside the hive. ADAM Yeah, but some of them don’t come back. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 11. The nectar from the pollen jocks is removed from their backpacks, and loaded into trucks on their way to Honex. A SMALL CROWD forms around the Patrol Bees. Each one has a PIT CREW that takes their nectar. Lou Loduca hurries a pit crew along: LOU LODUCA You guys did great! You’re monsters. You’re sky freaks! I love it! I love it! SCHOOL GIRLS are jumping up and down and squealing nearby. BARRY I wonder where those guys have just been? ADAM I don’t know. BARRY Their day’s not planned. Outside the hive, flying who-knows-where, doing who-knows-what. ADAM You can’t just decide one day to be a Pollen Jock. You have to be bred for that. BARRY Right. Pollen Jocks cross in close proximity to Barry and Adam. Some pollen falls off, onto Barry and Adam. BARRY (CONT’D) Look at that. That’s more pollen than you and I will ever see in a lifetime. ADAM (playing with the pollen) It’s just a status symbol. I think bees make too big a deal out of it. BARRY Perhaps, unless you’re wearing it, and the ladies see you wearing it. ANGLE ON: Two girl bees. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 12. ADAM Those ladies? Aren’t they our cousins too? BARRY Distant, distant. ANGLE ON: TWO POLLEN JOCKS. JACKSON Look at these two. SPLITZ Couple of Hive Harrys. JACKSON Let’s have some fun with them. The pollen jocks approach. Barry and Adam continue to talk to the girls. GIRL 1 It must be so dangerous being a pollen jock. BARRY Oh yeah, one time a bear had me pinned up against a mushroom. He had one paw on my throat, and with the other he was slapping me back and forth across the face. GIRL 1 Oh my. BARRY I never thought I’d knock him out. GIRL 2 (to Adam) And what were you doing during all of this? ADAM Obviously I was trying to alert the authorities. The girl swipes some pollen off of Adam with a finger. BARRY (re: pollen) I can autograph that if you want. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 13. JACKSON Little gusty out there today, wasn’t it, comrades? BARRY Yeah. Gusty. BUZZ You know, we’re going to hit a sunflower patch about six miles from here tomorrow. BARRY Six miles, huh? ADAM (whispering) Barry. BUZZ It’s a puddle-jump for us. But maybe you’re not up for it. BARRY Maybe I am. ADAM (whispering louder) You are not! BUZZ We’re going, oh-nine hundred at JGate. ADAM (re: j-gate) Whoa. BUZZ (leaning in, on top of Barry) What do you think, Buzzy Boy? Are you bee enough? BARRY I might be. It all depends on what oh-nine hundred means. CUT TO: SEQ. 450 - “THE BALCONY” "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 14. INT. BENSON HOUSE BALCONY - LATER Barry is standing on the balcony alone, looking out over the city. Martin Benson ENTERS, sneaks up behind Barry and gooses him in his ribs. MARTIN BENSON Honex! BARRY Oh, Dad. You surprised me. MARTIN BENSON (laughing) Have you decided what you’re interested in, Son? BARRY Well, there’s a lot of choices. MARTIN BENSON But you only get one. Martin LAUGHS. BARRY Dad, do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? MARTIN BENSON Son, let me tell you something about stirring. (making the stirring motion) You grab that stick and you just move it around, and you stir it around. You get yourself into a rhythm, it’s a beautiful thing. BARRY You know dad, the more I think about it, maybe the honey field just isn’t right for me. MARTIN BENSON And you were thinking of what, making balloon animals? That’s a bad job for a guy with a stinger. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 15. BARRY Well no... MARTIN BENSON Janet, your son’s not sure he wants to go into honey. JANET BENSON Oh Barry, you are so funny sometimes. BARRY I’m not trying to be funny. MARTIN BENSON You’re not funny, you’re going into honey. Our son, the stirrer. JANET BENSON You’re going to be a stirrer?! BARRY No one’s listening to me. MARTIN BENSON Wait until you see the sticks I have for you. BARRY I can say anything I want right now. I’m going to get an ant tattoo. JANET BENSON Let’s open some fresh honey and celebrate. BARRY Maybe I’ll pierce my thorax! MARTIN BENSON (toasting) To honey! BARRY Shave my antennae! JANET BENSON To honey! "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 16. BARRY Shack up with a grasshopper, get a gold tooth, and start calling everybody “Dawg.” CUT TO: SEQ. 760 - “JOB PLACEMENT” EXT. HONEX LOBBY - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON: A BEE BUS STOP. One group of bees stands on the pavement, as another group hovers above them. A doubledecker bus pulls up. The hovering bees get on the top level, and the standing bees get on the bottom. Barry and Adam pull up outside of Honex. ADAM I can’t believe we’re starting work today. BARRY Today’s the day. Adam jumps out of the car. ADAM (O.C) Come on. All the good jobs will be gone. BARRY Yeah, right... ANGLE ON: A BOARD READING: “JOB PLACEMENT BOARD”. Buzzwell, the Bee Processor, is at the counter. Another BEE APPLICANT, SANDY SHRIMPKIN is EXITING. SANDY SHRIMPKIN Is it still available? BUZZWELL Hang on. (he looks at changing numbers on the board) Two left. of them’s yours. Congratulations Son, step to the side please. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 17. SANDY SHRIMPKIN Yeah! ADAM (to Sandy, leaving) What did you get? SANDY SHRIMPKIN Picking the crud out. That is stellar! ADAM Wow. BUZZWELL (to Adam and Barry) Couple of newbies? ADAM Yes Sir. Our first day. We are ready. BUZZWELL Well, step up and make your choice. ANGLE ON: A CHART listing the different sectors of Honex. Heating, Cooling, Viscosity, Krelman, Pollen Counting, Stunt Bee, Pouring, Stirrer, Humming, Regurgitating, Front Desk, Hair Removal, Inspector No. 7, Chef, Lint Coordinator, Stripe Supervisor, Antennae-ball polisher, Mite Wrangler, Swatting Counselor, Wax Monkey, Wing Brusher, Hive Keeper, Restroom Attendant. ADAM (to Barry) You want to go first? BARRY No, you go. ADAM Oh my. What’s available? BUZZWELL Restroom attendant is always open, and not for the reason you think. ADAM Any chance of getting on to the Krelman, Sir? BUZZWELL Sure, you’re on. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 18. He plops the KRELMAN HAT onto Adam’s head. ANGLE ON: The job board. THE COLUMNS READ: “OCCUPATION” “POSITIONS AVAILABLE”, and “STATUS”. The middle column has numbers, and the right column has job openings flipping between “open”, “pending”, and “closed”. BUZZWELL (CONT’D) Oh, I’m sorry. The Krelman just closed out. ADAM Oh! He takes the hat off Adam. BUZZWELL Wax Monkey’s always open. The Krelman goes from “Closed” to “Open”. BUZZWELL (CONT’D) And the Krelman just opened up again. ADAM What happened? BUZZWELL Well, whenever a bee dies, that’s an opening. (pointing at the board) See that? He’s dead, dead, another dead one, deady, deadified, two more dead. Dead from the neck up, dead from the neck down. But, that’s life. ANGLE ON: Barry’s disturbed expression. ADAM (feeling pressure to decide) Oh, this is so hard. Heating, cooling, stunt bee, pourer, stirrer, humming, inspector no. 7, lint coordinator, stripe supervisor, antenna-ball polisher, mite wrangler-- Barry, Barry, what do you think I should-- Barry? Barry? "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 19. Barry is gone. CUT TO: SEQ. 775 - “LOU LODUCA SPEECH” EXT. J-GATE - SAME TIME Splitz, Jackson, Buzz, Lou and two other BEES are going through final pre-flight checks. Barry ENTERS. LOU LODUCA Alright, we’ve got the sunflower patch in quadrant nine. Geranium window box on Sutton Place... Barry’s antennae rings, like a phone. ADAM (V.O) What happened to you? Where are you? Barry whispers throughout. BARRY I’m going out. ADAM (V.O) Out? Out where? BARRY Out there. ADAM (V.O) (putting it together) Oh no. BARRY I have to, before I go to work for the rest of my life. ADAM (V.O) You’re going to die! You’re crazy! Hello? BARRY Oh, another call coming in. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 20. ADAM (V.O) You’re cra-- Barry HANGS UP. ANGLE ON: Lou Loduca. LOU LODUCA If anyone’s feeling brave, there’s a Korean Deli on 83rd that gets their roses today. BARRY (timidly) Hey guys. BUZZ Well, look at that. SPLITZ Isn’t that the kid we saw yesterday? LOU LODUCA (to Barry) Hold it son, flight deck’s restricted. JACKSON It’s okay Lou, we’re going to take him up. Splitz and Jackson CHUCKLE. LOU LODUCA Really? Feeling lucky, are ya? A YOUNGER SMALLER BEE THAN BARRY, CHET, runs up with a release waiver for Barry to sign. CHET Sign here. Here. Just initial that. Thank you. LOU LODUCA Okay, you got a rain advisory today and as you all know, bees cannot fly in rain. So be careful. As always, (reading off clipboard) watch your brooms, hockey sticks, dogs, birds, bears, and bats. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 21. Also, I got a couple reports of root beer being poured on us. Murphy’s in a home because of it, just babbling like a cicada. BARRY That’s awful. LOU LODUCA And a reminder for all you rookies, bee law number one, absolutely no talking to humans. Alright, launch positions! The Jocks get into formation, chanting as they move. LOU LODUCA (CONT’D) Black and Yellow! JOCKS Hello! SPLITZ (to Barry) Are you ready for this, hot shot? BARRY Yeah. Yeah, bring it on. Barry NODS, terrified. BUZZ Wind! - CHECK! JOCK #1 Antennae! - CHECK! JOCK #2 Nectar pack! - CHECK! JACKSON Wings! - CHECK! SPLITZ Stinger! - CHECK! BARRY Scared out of my shorts - CHECK. LOU LODUCA Okay ladies, let’s move it out. Everyone FLIPS their goggles down. Pit crew bees CRANK their wings, and remove the starting blocks. We hear loud HUMMING. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 22. LOU LODUCA (CONT'D) LOU LODUCA (CONT’D) Pound those petunia's, you striped stem-suckers! All of you, drain those flowers! A FLIGHT DECK GUY in deep crouch hand-signals them out the archway as the backwash from the bee wings FLUTTERS his jump suit. Barry follows everyone. SEQ. 800 - “FLYING WITH THE JOCKS” The bees climb above tree tops in formation. Barry is euphoric. BARRY Whoa! I’m out! I can’t believe I’m out! So blue. Ha ha ha! (a beat) I feel so fast...and free. (re: kites in the sky) Box kite! Wow! They fly by several bicyclists, and approach a patch of flowers. BARRY (CONT'D) Flowers! SPLITZ This is blue leader. We have roses visual. Bring it around thirty degrees and hold. BARRY (sotto) Roses. JACKSON Thirty degrees, roger, bringing it around. Many pollen jocks break off from the main group. They use their equipment to collect nectar from flowers. Barry flies down to watch the jocks collect the nectar. JOCK Stand to the side kid, it’s got a bit of a kick. The jock fires the gun, and recoils. Barry watches the gun fill up with nectar. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 23. BARRY Oh, that is one Nectar Collector. JOCK You ever see pollination up close? BARRY No, Sir. He takes off, and the excess pollen dust falls causing the flowers to come back to life. JOCK (as he pollinates) I pick some pollen up over here, sprinkle it over here, maybe a dash over there, pinch on that one...see that? It’s a little bit of magic, ain’t it? The FLOWERS PERK UP as he pollinates. BARRY Wow. That’s amazing. Why do we do that? JOCK ...that’s pollen power, Kid. More pollen, more flowers, more nectar, more honey for us. BARRY Cool. The Jock WINKS at Barry. Barry rejoins the other jocks in the sky. They swoop in over a pond, kissing the surface. We see their image reflected in the water; they’re really moving. They fly over a fountain. BUZZ I’m picking up a lot of bright yellow, could be daisies. Don’t we need those? SPLITZ Copy that visual. We see what appear to be yellow flowers on a green field. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 24. They go into a deep bank and dive. BUZZ Hold on, one of these flowers seems to be on the move. SPLITZ Say again...Are you reporting a moving flower? BUZZ Affirmative. SEQ. 900 - “TENNIS GAME” The pollen jocks land. It is a tennis court with dozens of tennis balls. A COUPLE, VANESSA and KEN, plays tennis. The bees land right in the midst of a group of balls. KEN (O.C) That was on the line! The other bees start walking around amongst the immense, yellow globes. SPLITZ This is the coolest. What is it? They stop at a BALL on a white line and look up at it. JACKSON I don’t know, but I’m loving this color. SPLITZ (smelling tennis ball) Smells good. Not like a flower. But I like it. JACKSON Yeah, fuzzy. BUZZ Chemical-y. JACKSON Careful, guys, it’s a little grabby. Barry LANDS on a ball and COLLAPSES. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 25. BARRY Oh my sweet lord of bees. JACKSON Hey, candy brain, get off there! Barry attempts to pulls his legs off, but they stick. BARRY Problem! A tennis shoe and a hand ENTER FRAME. The hand picks up the ball with Barry underneath it. BARRY (CONT'D) Guys! BUZZ This could be bad. JACKSON Affirmative. Vanessa walks back to the service line, BOUNCES the ball. Each time it BOUNCES, the other bees cringe and GASP. ANGLE ON: Barry, terrified. Pure dumb luck, he’s not getting squished. BARRY (with each bounce) Very close...Gonna Hurt...Mamma’s little boy. SPLITZ You are way out of position, rookie. ANGLE ON: Vanessa serving. We see Barry and the ball up against the racket as she brings it back. She tosses the ball into the air; Barry’s eyes widen. The ball is STRUCK, and the rally is on. KEN Coming in at you like a missile! Ken HITS the ball back. Barry feels the g-forces. ANGLE ON: The Pollen Jocks watching Barry pass by them in SLOW MOTION. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 26. BARRY (in slow motion) Help me! JACKSON You know, I don't think these are flowers. SPLITZ Should we tell him? JACKSON I think he knows. BARRY (O.S) What is this?! Vanessa HITS a high arcing lob. Ken waits, poised for the return. We see Barry having trouble maneuvering the ball from fatigue. KEN (overly confident) Match point! ANGLE ON: Ken running up. He has a killer look in his eyes. He’s going to hit the ultimate overhead smash. KEN (CONT'D) You can just start packing up Honey, because I believe you’re about to eat it! ANGLE ON: Pollen Jocks. JACKSON Ahem! Ken is distracted by the jock. KEN What? No! He misses badly. The ball rockets into oblivion. Barry is still hanging on. ANGLE ON: Ken, berating himself. KEN (CONT’D) Oh, you cannot be serious. We hear the ball WHISTLING, and Barry SCREAMING. "Bee Movie" - JS REVISIONS 8/13/07 27. BARRY Yowser!!! SEQ. 1000 - “SUV” The ball flies through the air, and lands in the middle of the street. It bounces into the street again, and sticks in the grille of an SUV. INT. CAR ENGINE - CONTINUOUS BARRY’S POV: the grille of the SUV sucks him up. He tumbles through a black tunnel, whirling vanes, and pistons. BARRY AHHHHHHHHHHH!! OHHHH!! EECHHH!! AHHHHHH!! Barry gets chilled by the A/C system, and sees a frozen grasshopper. BARRY (CONT’D) (re: grass?
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2020.10.24 20:28 intromission76 Energy scam or casing my place?

Today, I was in my front mud room (North of Boston) doing some work and these 2 guys, one looked more like late teens/early 20's, came up to the door soliciting. Before the older guy knew I was there I heard him comment to the younger guy "It's nice up here huh, separate from..." or something to that effect, my place is set up and back from the main road a bit, never would I consider it a "nice" feature, more of a pain in the ass to mow.
After asking the lead guy by the door to step back since he was wearing his mask below the nose I opened the door and asked him what did he say about it being nice up there or something, he lowered the mask and answered that he was just saying it was "unique" sounding a little sarcastic. I asked him what he wanted and he started on some "renewable energy" thing, so I said I wasn't interested, they left.
I didn't see them stop at my neighbors so I really don't know if I was just the last house on that side or what, but I called police to report them. They seemed shady, were dressed in street clothes and only had some laniard on with no clear ID.
Now I'm thinking I should have grilled them a little for more information because at this point I'm assuming they were casing my place and am feeling kinda paranoid about it.
I've heard there are scams like this around energy, but don't they usually try to dress the part? These guys were not trying at all. Both had caps, one had a t-shirt, the other a buttoned down flannel.
Any thoughts? Should I be concerned about someone breaking in during the day or a home invasion while I'm sleeping? Or are these just scammers?
Guy by the door heard and possibly saw my guard dog at least.
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2020.10.24 05:48 DrNLS Just repasted my XPS 7590 with obvious improvement

Just repasted my XPS 15 7590 i7 32GB RAM 1TB SSD 4K OLED. I could not remove the battery connector without removing the battery just in case other people have similar issues. The situation inside was pretty bad. There was gray thermal paste fucking everywhere, like if someone did spill it and left it. There was even thermal paste under the thermal pads which was especially dry. After removing all pads, cleaning up all the paste (CPU and GPU had way too much which was oozing out on the sides), I applied the correct amount of thermal paste (Noctua NT-H2) and put on new thermal pads (Thermal Grizzly) and finally put the heatsink back on.
However, my version of the XPS has this little lip on the heatsink (located on the outer side), and you effectively have to tuck it in, and then drop it like a trap door (terrible explanation...). So I had to remove everything and redo it after another cleaning. I did keep the thermal pads since they were still fine. This gave me the opportunity to check how the paste spread and it was ideal. So I repeated the procedure and closed up everything, notably without stripping any screws (lots of threadlocker indeed).
Now, I do not care about the super specifics of benchmarks. However I do care about maintaining high core frequency and reducing thermal throttling. So I ran 2 benchmarks to check if it did any difference repasting. First I run Cinebench and got from 2229 to 2298, not impressive at all.
Then I ran OCCT from idle for about 15 minutes. Before repasting the system stabilized at 81C running at 2GHz (all cores about the same). After repasting I got 2.5-2.7GHz at again 81C (I think this temp has to do with my Dell power profile but anyway), which I would honestly say is a great improvement. Essentially the CPU is running at the base frequency of 2.6GHz without dipping into turbo boost, that is it. On the other hand, on idle I am hovering at ~51C which is pretty high given that my other workstation PC is at 35-38C. This is the XPS life I guess.
The takeaway here is that if you can and feel comfortable opening up your XPS 15 you should do so, and repaste and exchange the thermal pads with new good ones. I was also able to clean out the fans and cooling grills from hair and debris (I own 4 dogs and a parrot), so it was worth the 40 minutes of my time. Finally I have not undervolted or done anything else to my XPS15. I tried to undervolt but it seems I have to mess around with older BIOS versions to unlock this, which is something I do not want to do. However, right now I am very happy with my XPS running at 2.6GHz stable at 81C for extended periods of time. Just as a example I did export a few hundred pictures in Adobe Lightroom and temps stabilized at 81C at 2.6GHz, which is great.
The cost of the paste and thermal pads is about $13 and $16 respectively. I think you might see most gains just by changing the thermal paste, since I found the pads were still ok but I exchanged them just because I got new high quality ones. I am sorry I did not take any pictures during this process since I was trying to finish in time for a zoom meeting.
Anyway, hope someone finds this helpful. Cheers.
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2020.10.23 23:52 Britwit_ Every Antagonist and Who Killed Them (Spoilers for, uh... everything.)

"Boy, we did kill a lot of people, didn't we?" -Ming-Na Wen
For no apparent reason, I've decided to compile a list of all the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. antagonists and their killers. Well, I say "all"; I've probably forgotten to include half of them. If I've gotten any information wrong or if there's anyone I need to add, let me know.
Anyways, without further ado, here is every antagonist and who killed them, or: how I lost a few hours of my life to compile a list of entirely useless information.
Antagonist Killer
Mike Peterson/Deathlok Survives
Grant Ward Phil Coulson
Dr. Debbie Chan Ho Yin/Scorch
Camilla Reyes Survives
Ian Quinn Daisy Johnson/Quake
Dr. Franklin Hall Daisy Johnson/Quake
Akela Amador Survives
"The Englishman" HYDRA (specific killer unknown)
Chan Ho Yin/Scorch Melinda May
Raina Jiaying
Miles Lydon Survives
Edison Po John Garrett/The Clairvoyant
Felix Blake Survives
Jasper Sitwell Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (not in AoS)
Jakob Nystrom Survives
Petra Larsen Survives
Tobias Ford Status unknown
Brian Hayward Raina
T. Vanchat Survives
Seth Dormer Himself
Donnie Gill Daisy Johnson/Quake (presumed dead)
Luca Russo Melinda May
John Garrett/The Clairvoyant Phil Coulson
Lorelei Survives
Thomas Nash/"The Clairvoyant" Grant Ward
Glenn Talbot/Graviton Daisy Johnson/Quake
Marcus Daniels/Blackout Phil Coulson and Antoine Triplett
Cal Johnson Survives
Werner Reinhardt/Daniel Whitehall Phil Coulson
Sunil Bakshi Jemma Simmons
Carl Creel/Absorbing Man Daisy Johnson/Quake
Kara Palamas/Agent 33 Grant Ward (unintentionally)
Kenneth Turgeon Survives
Marcus Scarlotti Survives
Sebastian Derik Survives
Christian Ward Grant Ward
Jiaying Cal Johnson
Gordon Leo Fitz (unintentionally)
Octavian Bloom Lance Hunter
The Sheikh Octavian Bloom (indirectly)
The Baroness Octavian Bloom (indirectly)
The Banker Octavian Bloom (indirectly)
Dr. List Tony Stark/Iron Man (not on AoS)
Vin-Tak Survives
Karla Faye Gideon Survives
David AngaAngar the Screamer Survives
Wendell Levi Survives
Francis Noche Survives
Dr. Andrew GarneLash JT James/Hellfire
Tomás Calderon Survives
Eva Belyakov Melinda May
Katya Belyakov Melinda May
Alisha Whitley Unnamed Kree Reaper
Rosalind Price Grant Ward
Luther Banks Giyera
Werner von Strucker Ruby Hale (accidentally)
Kebo Bobbi Morse
Spud Lance Hunter
Alveus/Hive Lincoln Campbell
Gideon Malick Daisy Johnson/Quake (under Hive's sway)
R. Giyera Leo Fitz
Victor Ramon Alpha Dog (accidentally)
Lucio Joey Gutierrez
Colonel General Androvich Bobbi Morse
Stephanie Malick Hive
Watchdog Alpha Alphonso Mackenzie
Wilfred Malick Cause of death unknown
Nathaniel Malick Hive
JT James/Hellfire Survives
Dr. Holden Radcliffe Aida
Aida Phil Coulson/Ghost Rider
Lucy Bauer Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider
Vincent Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider
Hugo Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider
Frederick Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider
Senator Ellen Nadeer Tucker Shockley
Eli Morrow Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider
Zhi Alphonso Mackenzie/Ghost Rider
Melinda May LMD Herself
Tucker Shockley Survives
Holden Radcliffe LMD Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, and Alphonso Mackenzie
Anton Ivanov/The Superior Yo-Yo Rodriguez
Phil Coulson LMD Melinda May LMD
Jeffrey Mace LMD Daisy Johnson/Quake
Leo Fitz LMD Melinda May LMD
Alphonso Mackenzie LMD Daisy Johnson/Quake
Alistair Fitz (Framework) Jemma Simmons
Kenneth Turgeon (Framework) Aida
Sunil Bakshi (Framework) Aida
Lieutenant Evans General Hale
Kasius Alphonso Mackenzie
Sinara Daisy Johnson/Quake
Grill Flint
Tye Daisy Johnson/Quake
Lucas General Hale
General Hale Glenn Talbot/Graviton
Samuel Voss Survives
Ruby Hale Yo-Yo Rodriguez
Candice Lee Survives
Lash (Monolith Recreation) Mike Peterson/Deathlok
Mike Peterson (Monolith Recreation) Mike Peterson/Deathlok
Hive (Monolith Recreation) Mike Peterson/Deathlok, Jemma Simmons (astronaut form)
Qovas Himself
Taryan Survives
Jaco Himself
Snowflake Status unknown
Pax Sarge/Pachakutiq
Sarge/Pachakutiq Alphonso Mackenzie
Malachi Survives
Boil Izel
Toad Izel
Atarah Malachi
Leo Fitz/The Doctor (Simulation) Survives (deactivated)
Jemma Simmons/Id Simmons (Simulation) Survives (deactivated)
Izel Melinda May
Isaiah Enoch
Luke Rick Stoner
Cain Himself
Wilfred Malick (Alternate Version) Deke Shaw
Viola Survives
John Mackenzie Chronicom Impersonator Yo-Yo Rodriguez
Lilla Mackenzie Chronicom Impersonator Alphonso Mackenzie
Sibyl Daisy Johnson/Quake
Nathaniel Malick (Alternate Version) Daisy Johnson/Quake
Kora Survives
John Garrett (Alternate Version) Victoria Hand (Alternate Version)
Durant Kora
Well that's everyone*. Now, time for some trivia!
*It's not everyone.
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2020.10.23 22:27 Positive_Ant How to heat house for the winter?

Hi poverty finance. Im broke and cold give me some ideas!! Our gas furnace broke. "Exteme fire risk" is how the HVAC technician put it and since we have no way to afford the 10k replacement at the moment I'm just looking for tips on how to get through the winter in a town where night temps are routinely 30 to 45 degrees.
Things we know nothing about but I'm wondering about-
-adding extra insulation to the crawl space is this worth it cost wise?
-most efficient space heaters for a 2500sq foot drafty old house with an open floor plan
-are there any propane heaters that can be safely used inside? We have a decent stock of propane. What about cracking a window with a propane heater inside?
-does sealing our windows with film help any?
-how long can you safely run your oven?
-what inside temp do I need to be concerned about health wise considering we have a 1 year old? It's currently 62 inside which feels freezing but probably okay as we've got coats and blankets.
-can we safely burn charcoal in a small grill inside?
Give me all your tips how you stay warm at home with no main heat source! The dogs help but they are blanket hogs themselves!
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2020.10.23 21:27 Goose_Dies Very Strange Confrontation at my home in Southside

Tuesday evening around 6pm, my wife was watering plants in our backyard when she heard leaves rustling on the other side of our wooden privacy fence. Our dogs alerted her to the position of what she said was a person in red hoodie sweatshirt that she could make out between the fence panels. When she spoke to them, they did not respond or move at all for roughly 1 minute. It was then when she decided to inform me about it. Seconds later, I was on our back porch I saw the head of the individual in the red hoodie just over the top of our fence line.
It was at this time I yelled out to him that he was acting weird as hell, and he should leave. I walked towards the fence and was able to pear over, and to my surprise there were 3 men in hoodies. 2 in all black with the hood drawn tight to obscure there faces. The Red Hoodie individual had his drawn up the same. All of them had on black plain sweat pants, and each hoodie appeared to be new with no distinguishing labels of any sort. They just seemed like items they intended to throw away. No reflection of a personality at all.
I did manage to get a picture of their vehicle, that they left at the end of the alley before they sped away. It was a black 2007-2009 Chevy Trailblazer with a chrome grill trim.
The more I look back at this 2 minutes of my life the more surreal it seems. Like some full on Purge level stuff. I did file a report with the police, but I do not fee like this was a peeping tom group that got caught, and that is why I wanted to share it here for more exposure. When I posted it on Nextdoor, I think it was shadow-banned as there were zero comments or likes.
If anyone may have any additional info, or may have seen something like this before, please DM me or comment here so we might be able to prevent a bad event from happening to someone else.
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